Grow and Manage Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Internal Use Rights

Take this remote workshop to learn about your internal-use rights (IUR) license benefit for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Understand what your Microsoft Partner Network benefits give you today, how to best demo the product, and watch some easy-to-implement, real-world scenarios that will quickly make your IUR benefit invaluable to your business.

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Module 1 - What are internal-use rights (IUR) licenses?
In this module, we will explain what IUR licenses are, what they are intended to be used for, and why utilizing IUR is good for your business.

Module 2 - Benefits by Microsoft Partner Network membership status
In this module, we will explain what IUR benefits you are entitled to based on your current Microsoft Partner Network membership status. And, you will also learn how many licenses you are entitled to use within your partner organization.

Module 3 - Step-by-step: enabling your licenses walkthrough
In this module, we will walk you through the process for enabling your IUR licenses.

Module 4 - Demo excellence: how to demo Dynamics CRM Online
In this module, we will showcase how to best demo Microsoft Dynamics 365! We will provide an overview of how great demos can highlight the best features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your customers, based on the workload that is pertinent to them.

Module 5 - Real-world scenarios: use IUR licenses to grow your business
In this module, we will take some real-world scenarios that will have a tangible impact on your business. We will show you four key features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can help transform your operations. We will show you how to do a data import, undertake some simple form customizations, server side sync, and finally show you how you can quickly and easily create some useful charts and dashboards.

Additional Information:
  • Targeted for IT manager, technical specialist, presales technical specialist, and marketing specialist roles at Microsoft Partner Network member organizations.
  • This webcast is unlimited for Action Pack, Silver and Gold Microsoft partners.     


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To register, you must be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and use the email address associated with your Microsoft Partner Network ID. To associate yourself to your company’s Microsoft Partner Network profile, follow the steps on the Simplified Association Process page. If you have issues associating to your organization’s account, please submit a question in the Partner Support Community.

Additional resources
Looking for personalized assistance to address a specific customer scenario? Open an Advisory request to engage with Partner Technical Services by utilizing your partner advisory hour benefit.


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