How to activate Microsoft Azure in Open Licensing


Review this article to learn how to set up Microsoft Azure in Open Licensing for your customers, and how to add yourself as a co-administrator so you can easily manage customer subscriptions.

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The process is simple. Follow these steps to set up Azure in Open Licensing for your customers:

  1. Once you’ve received the volume license activation key for Azure, go to
  2. On the Get Started with Azure in Open Licensing page, click Activate under New subscription.
  3. Sign in with your customer’s Microsoft account or their existing organizational account.
  4. Fill in the customer’s details, complete the mobile verification step, and enter the product key.
  5. In section three, enter your email address as a reseller, so that you will be assigned alerts for the subscription.
  6. Once you’ve completed sections one through four, click Activate.
  7. You will be redirected to the Summary for Azure in Open page. At this point, you will want to do the following key things:

    • Rename the subscription to something meaningful, so that it’s easy to find.
    • Check that the alerts are set up, so that you receive emails alerting you when credits are low.
    • Go to Settings and add yourself as the co-administrator. Once you add yourself as the co-administrator, you can manage the customer’s subscription from your own account.

Need more help? Watch this video for additional guidance:


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