Can't set or change photos in Outlook or OWA in Office 365 Dedicated/ITAR


Users discover that they can't set or change photos in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web App (OWA) in Microsoft Office 365 Dedicated/ITAR.


Setting or changing photos in Outlook or OWA is a restricted action. These photos would be overwritten by synchronization from the customer’s on-premises environment.


Office 365 Dedicated design lets users set sender photos by using the thumbnailPhoto attribute in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). After this setting is configured, users' photos can flow through Microsoft Managed Services Service Provisioning Provider (MMSSPP) into the Office 365 environment. By default, users cannot set photos directly in Outlook or OWA.

Exchange 2010 doesn’t support any self-service photo-setting functionality. If the decision is made to let users upload sender photos directly, this can be enabled after a mailbox is moved to Exchange 2013, as follows:
  1. Submit a CR by using the "Enable or Disable MMSSPP Attribute Flow" template to make sure that the thumbnailPhoto attribute isn't included in the MMSSPP sync.
  2. After this CR is implemented, you can then enable the self-service method for uploading photos in OWA by using the Set-OWAMailboxPolicy cmdlet, as follows:
    Set-OWAMailboxPolicy <> -SetPhotoEnabled $true 
For more information about this command, see Set-OwaMailboxPolicy.

In earlier versions of Office 365 Dedicated/ITAR, application of an OWA mailbox policy at the initial provisioning is a function of the mailbox plan that's applied to the mailbox. If there's no OWA mailbox policy associated with the mailbox plan, the OWA mailbox policy must be applied manually, as in the following Set-CASMailbox cmdlet example. (Be aware that only Kiosk mailbox plans have an associated OWA mailbox policy.)

Any users who are migrated to or are already on Exchange Server 2013 when the policy is created and set as the default must have the policy manually applied through the Set-CASMailbox cmdlet, as follows:
Set-CASMailbox <> -OWAMailboxPolicy "Default Policy" 
For more information about this command, see Set-CASMailboxMore.

Note Exchange Online Dedicated doesn't currently support changing sender photos by using the edit button in EAC. To change the sender photo by a supported method, users should o click the photo in the upper-right corner of the page in OWA.

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