Email is not received when you use SendEmail macro action in Access


When you send email messages in Microsoft Access by using the SendEmail macro action, the messages are sent without any errors but aren't received by the intended recipient.


This problem occurs because the SendEmail macro action cannot verify the email addresses that are included in the To, Cc, and Bcc lines. The macro action checks these addresses against the SharePoint User Information List. However, the intended recipients are missing from the SharePoint list.


To resolve this problem, make sure that the intended email recipients are listed in the User Information List. Users who were given explicit SharePoint site permissions are already listed. For users who were granted site permissions through a security group, make sure that those users have directly interacted with the SharePoint site or Access in order to be listed.

More Information

You can check for the users who are listed in the User Information List by appending "_catalogs/users/detail.aspx" to the URL for the SharePoint site collection on which your Access application is located. For example, use the following URL: 



For more information about the SendEmail macro, go to the following Office article:


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