How to update the NF-e (Federal) from version 3 to version 4


1.   Download the (KB982812) related to Hotfix rollup 5.

a.     Run the file 416963_intl_i386_zip.exe

b.     Run the file DynamicsAX2009-KB982812-SP1.exe

c.     Run the file AxUpdate.exe

d.     Execute all steps related to upgrade checklist

2. Click Basic Setup Brazil Brazilian parameters to open the Brazilian parameters form. Basic Setup Brazil Brazilian parameters to open the Brazilian parameters form. 

3. On the General tab, verify if the following check boxes are enabled: 

· Enable Brazilian features – Activate the Brazilian functionality. 

· Enable Fiscal Book Integration – Activate the validation of required information for fiscal book integration. 

· Enable NF-e (federal) – Activate the NF-e (federal) process. 

4. Click the NF-e (federal) tab. NF-e (federal) tab. 

5. Under the NF-e (federal) field group, in the Distinguished Name field, verify if the name of the digital certificate used to assign the XML messages to an NF-e is specified. 

Note: The user who is set up in the AOS service must have access rights to use this certificate. : The user who is set up in the AOS service must have access rights to use this certificate. 

6. In the Time to allow NF-e approved cancelation field, verify if there is value related to maximum number of hours to cancel an NF-e after it has been approved. 

7. In the NF-e XML Schema file field, enter the path and file name of the XML schema file used to validate an NF-e XML message.

8. Select the Pre-printed security form check box to indicate that pre-printed forms are used in the Security form contingency.
9. In the NF-e version field choose the Version 4. Pay attention in this point, because if you are using the version 3 and you want to change to the version 4, no documents can be in process. You cannot change the version number if an NF-e with Fiscal document status as Created, Rejected, or Rejected – no fix is available.

10. Use the Web services created for the Version 3, updating the following fields:

· The Version field, specify the current version of the layout. (Version 2.00)

· The Internet address field, specify the Internet address for the Web service.

11. Click Generate to generate the Web services. A corresponding record is created in the Service references form for each Web service.
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