Automatic assignment does not work in Live Meeting Breakout Rooms


A Live Meeting Organizer/Presenter creates Breakout Rooms (BORs) within the console and selects "Automatically assign participants". However, meeting attendees are not automatically assigned or moved to the BORs.


There are several possible causes for this:

  • The Breakout Rooms are created before most or all of the participants join the meeting.
  • The audio bridge does not support Breakout Rooms.
  • The Breakout Rooms are configured for one (1) user apiece.


If BORs are created before the participants join the meeting, the Organizer/Presenter can delete the rooms, wait until most/all participants have joined, then (re-)create the BORs.

The Organizer/Presenter can check with his/her Audio Conference Provider (ACP) to verify the audio bridge, participant code, and leader code combination supports BORs. In addition, the Organizer can verify whether the audio bridge supports BORs by removing all audio information from the meeting's Meeting Options page, then create the BORs and see whether Automatic assignment now works.

If BORs are created for one (1) user apiece, the Organizer/Presenter should delete the BORs and re-create them, specifying at least two (2) people per BOR.

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