Duplicate Parameter Value in Expected Rule Entry Object


The Expected Rule Entry objects created for a given Synchronization Rule are being populated with a duplicate parameter values.


The Lookup button in the Synchronization Rule Activity designer does not replace text that is currently in the Parameter text box, thus allowing a duplicate to be easily inserted.

Viewing the parameter box does not usually show the problem, as the textbox is too small to see the complete parameter address reference for the first entry.


If there is a value in the Parameter text box in the Synchronization Rule Activity designer, clear the textbox before using the Lookup button to set the parameter value

More Information

In the screen shot displayed below, notice the value of the initPWD(string) parameter has had the value scrolled so it shows two entries.

Syncnronization Rule Activity Designer - Duplicate Value in initPWD parameter

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a Synchronization Rule Activity targetting a Sync Rule with at least one parameter
  2. Use the Lookup button to reference a parameter such as:   [//WorkflowData/ParamTest01]
  3. Click to save the parameter from the Lookup dialog
  4. Click the Lookup button again to change the name of the parameter to: [//WorkflowData/ParamTest02]
  5. Click to save the parameter change

The parameter reference text box now has two parameter references in it ([//WorkflowData/ParamTest02][//WorkflowData/ParamTest01]), although since the text box does not show more than "[//WorkflowData/ParamTe" there is nothing that indicates there is a problem.

Even if we were able to see the full first parameter, the expectation is that the new value would have replaced the old value.

Expected Result:
The parameter reference written by the Lookup button would replace the current text of the associated parameter textbox.

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