Restart of FAST Search service breaks SharePoint search


After restarting the FAST Search service on the FAST nodes, SharePoint search is unavailable. If scriped, the following commands may lead to the problem:

net stop fastsearchservice
net stop fastsearchmonitoring

net start fastsearchservice


It is possible for a restart of the primary FAST service (FAST Search for SharePoint) to not wait the full time it takes to stop other dependent services (Browser Engine, QRProxy, Sam Admin, and Sam worker)


After stopping the FAST Search for SharePoint service, always make sure that all other FAST Search services are stopped before restarting the service. At a minimum, a pause of several minutes should be introduced into a net stop/start script.

More Information

Aside from the service status, the executables can also be checked through task manager:

Sam Admin -

Sam Worker -

QRProxy - qrproxyservice.exe

Browser Engine - browserengine.exe

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