AppFabric Connect for Biztalk Server 2010


Abstract: One of the key requirements in development of cloud based applications is to be able to leverage existing on-premise assets by exposing them as web services. However, since most of the organizations are firewall protected, the on-premise web services are typically not accessible to external clients running outside the organization’s firewall, unless these web services are explicitly hosted in DMZ. More often than not, hosting services in the DMZ is a cumbersome process. Azure AppFabric Service Bus provides the capability to extend the reach of on-premise web services to external clients (without having to host them in the DMZ) in a secure way.

Feature overview:
BizTalk Server 2010 AppFabric Connect for Services brings together the capabilities of BizTalk Server and Microsoft Azure AppFabric thereby enabling enterprises to extend the reach of their on-premise Line of Business (LOB) systems and BizTalk applications to cloud.

Feature Overview

Business Scenario:
With the advent of cloud platforms and people building cloud based applications, it is still true that a lot of data for these applications resides in on-premise LOB systems. More often than not, these applications would also want to leverage existing on-premise applications. To build such hybrid applications with components residing on-premise as well as on cloud, a secure mechanism to connect an enterprise’s on-premise assets with those on cloud is the need of the hour.


a)      BizTalk Server 2010 or BizTalk Server Adapter Pack 2010 must be installed to use this feature.
b)      You must have Azure AppFabric SDK version 1.0 (September update or later) installed. You can install it from

c)      You must have configured a Service Bus namespace. You will require this for hosting the Service Bus relay service on the Azure Service Bus. Instructions on configuring the Service Bus namespace are available here (

Note: AppFabric Connect for Services can be used to only host services on Microsoft Azure AppFabric 1.0.

d)      Recommended: You can also install Windows Server AppFabric. This enables you to configure auto start that would otherwise be cumbersome. You can download the Windows Server AppFabric installer from here (

Important: If you choose to install Windows Server AppFabric, you must also install the hotfix 980423 ( This fixes some issues with Windows Server AppFabric.

How to use this feature:

This section provides a quick walkthrough of how to expose your on-premise BizTalk Orchestrations and LOB data as a WCF Service on cloud. A more detailed tutorial can be accessed from here.

§  BizTalk Orchestrations:

1.      Run BizTalk WCF Service Publishing Wizard


2.      Choose BizTalk Orchestration(s) to publish


3.      Extend the reach of the BizTalk Orchestration(s) to cloud


4.      Configure Service Bus endpoints



LOB systems:

1.      Run BizTalk WCF Adapter Service Development Wizard


2.      Choose the LOB artifact(s) to publish


3.      Extend the reach of the LOB artifact(s) to cloud


4.      Configure Service Bus endpoints


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