Installation of FAST Search Server fails on multi-core system


Installation may fail sometimes, with the following messages being logged in the psconfig.log file:

Verbose Utility.Execute - Finished executing "E:\FASTSearch\bin\ResourceStoreInstaller.exe"  
Error InstallResourceStore - An error occurred while executing binary "E:\FASTSearch\bin\ResourceStoreInstaller.exe". Return code is not 0.  
Error Utility.WriteException - Exception - : Exception - System.Management.Automation.RuntimeException: An error occurred while installing Resource store.  


This is a timing error in the installer that happens when communicating with IIS to set up the Resource Store; the error only happens with a high number of CPU cores.


The cores can be disabled through the BIOS during installation, or via msconfig.exe. With msconfig, select the Boot tab, then click on Advanced Options.

You can then select number of processors and set it to 1. After doing this and rebooting the server, the FAST Search Server Configuration Wizard will complete successfully. The cores can be renabled once the installation is complete.

More Information

This issue is fixed permanently in Service Pack 1 for FAST Search Server for SharePoint 2010. A more complete list of the fixes contained in SP1 (including this one) is available here:
The service pack binaries can be installed prior to running psconfig for the first time, in order to avoid this issue.
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