Unable to import a trusted publishing domain from RMS Online to Exchange Online

Note Microsoft Azure Information Protection was previously known as Microsoft Azure Rights Management.


When you run the Import-RMSTrustedPublishingDomain command to import the trusted publishing domain (TPD) from RMS Online, you receive the following error message:
+ CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Import-RMSTrustedPublishingDomain], RightsManagementException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : [Server=AMSPR04MB050,RequestId=426ac2e4-4261-41f0-bc4f-cd282a40c5cd,TimeStamp=<Date><Time>] [Fa
ilureCategory=Cmdlet-RightsManagementException] 60EA2B3,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RightsManagement.ImportRmsTrustedPublishin
+ PSComputerName : ps.outlook.com

If you run the Test-IRMconfiguration command to test Information Rights Management (IRM) functionality and configuration, you receive the following error message:
Results : Checking organization context ...
- PASS: Organization context checked; running as tenant administrator.
Loading IRM configuration ...
- PASS: IRM configuration loaded successfully.
Checking RMS Online tenant prerequisites ...
- PASS: RMS Online tenant prerequisites passed.
Checking RMS Online authentication certificate ...
- PASS: The RMS Online authentication certificate is valid.
Checking that a Trusted Publishing Domain can be obtained from RMS Online ...
- FAIL: Failed to obtain a Trusted Publishing Domain from RMS Online.
Microsoft.Exchange.Security.RightsManagement.RightsManagementException: InvalidLicense
at Microsoft.Exchange.Security.RightsManagement.Errors.ThrowOnErrorCode(Int32 hr, LocalizedString contextMessage)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Security.RightsManagement.RmsTemplate.GetTemplateNamesAndDescriptions(String template)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Security.RightsManagement.RmsTemplate.ServerRmsTemplate.GetNameAndDescription(CultureInfo locale,
String& templateName, String& templateDescription)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Security.RightsManagement.RmsTemplate.GetName(CultureInfo locale)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RightsManagement.RmsUtil.TemplateNamesFromTemplateArray(String[] templateXrMLArray)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RightsManagement.RMSOnlineValidator.ValidateTPDCanBeObtainedFromRMSOnline(RmsOnlineTpdI
mporter tpdImporter, TrustedDocDomain& tpd)


This issue occurs if a template in Microsoft Azure Information Protection contains a semicolon (;) or colon (:). 


Remove the semicolon or colon from the template in Azure Information Protection.


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