Architecture Consultation for Cloud Applications

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Further develop your custom-built application by receiving guidance to ensure your app will avoid common product support issues. Engage with Microsoft experts to receive the necessary guidance and application building best practices to ensure your application is scalable and reliable for your customers, and receive direction on identifying common product support issues to ensure the quality of your design and implementation of Azure services.
During this technical consultation with a Microsoft expert, you can expect to receive: 
  • Findings documentation concerning your Custom Application with best practice recommendations
  • A thorough evaluation of your application architecture
  • Best practices to avoid common pitfalls
  • Supplementary technical resources

The Architecture Consultation for Cloud Applications excludes Advanced Analytics (Machine Learning, HD Insight.)

Request a consultation

Maximize your Microsoft Partner Network technical presales and deployment benefits to request this technical consultation or use a Cloud Consult from your purchased support plan to receive additional benefits, including request prioritization, coordination from your support Account Manager and a recommended implementation plan.

Using MPN benefits Using Advanced Support for Partners or Premier Support for Partners benefits

Cost: Partner advisory hours*

*Partners will be charged per hour, charge will cap at 5 hours.

To submit a request, log in to the MPN portal. Once submitted, you will receive a phone call from a Microsoft partner technical consultant to schedule your consultation within four business hours.                                       Submit a request

Cost: (1) Cloud Consult for deployment scenarios, or when there is no deal involved. There is no cost associated for presale scenarios.

Contact your support Account Manager to request the consultation.

Your support Account Manager will coordinate scheduling you with a Microsoft partner technical consultant.

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