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PRB: Error: 80004005 - MS ODBC SQL Server Driver Cannot Initialize SSPI Package

This article was previously published under Q253577
The following error message is returned when you run a command against the database:
80004005 - MS ODBC SQL Server driver cannot initialize SSPI package
A typical cause for this error is that you have a custom application dynamic-link library (DLL) file that is named Security.dll.
To work around the problem, rename your Security.dll file to another name (you can prefix it with the application acronym, for example).
This behavior is by design.
MTS SQL Server SSPI 80004005 Execute
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ID Bài viết: 253577 - Xem lại Lần cuối: 12/05/2007 09:39:26 - Bản sửa đổi: 1.2

Microsoft COM+ 1.0, Microsoft COM+ 1.5

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