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As your everyday AI companion, Microsoft Copilot helps you with a blank page or the perfect choice of words. It streamlines tasks so you can boost your productivity and be more confident that you're focusing on what matters most to you. These updates can help you find the insights, creativity, and excitement in a new way of working.

Note: The features are available to users with Copilot Pro and Copilot for Microsoft 365 licenses.

Popular user prompts

"What should be on my radar from emails last week?"

Try in Copilot for Microsoft 365

"Summarize Teams messages where I was @mentioned this week."

Try in Copilot for Microsoft 365

June updates

Add an agenda to your presentation

Ask Copilot to add an agenda slide in your presentation to provide your audience with the key points ahead of the meeting.

Try in PowerPoint

Refine your messages for more effective communication

Spruce up your Teams messages with Copilot. Draft a message in the chat window, select the Copilot button, and choose Rewrite or Adjust to change the message length or tone. 

Try in Teams

Create brochures or newsletters from multiple files

Use Copilot in Word to create content from another Word doc or PowerPoint presentation. You may refer to as many as three files for your new document, as long as you have the necessary permissions to access those files on your organization's SharePoint or OneDrive.​​

Ask Copilot, "Draft content combining /[file name], /[file name], and /[file name]."

Try in Word

Improvements based on your feedback

Compare multiple contracts, proposals, or documents

You can now have Copilot compare two referenced documents and show the difference between them.

Ask Copilot, "Compare /[file1] and /[file2] and list the differences between them."

Try in Copilot for Microsoft 365

Reference and explore PDF files

Copilot now has the ability to access the content within your PDF files.

Ask Copilot, "Summarize /[PDF]" or "Compare /[PDF1] and /[PDF2] and list the differences between them."

Try in Copilot for Microsoft 365

Reference files in your prompts

Copilot now brings up files on your device, SharePoint and OneDrive. Just use / in a prompt to access a file.

Try in Microsoft 365

Unblock Excel tasks

Ask Copilot for help in getting unstuck on an Excel task.

Try any these:
• "Simplify this formula [formula]"
• "What formula should I use for [task]"
• "How do I change labels on a bar graph"
• "How do I create a drop-down list"

Try in Excel

Quickly summarize and analyze videos

Stream logo

Use Copilot to summarize any video with a transcript or ask questions about topics you want to understand in videos on Microsoft Stream.

Try in Stream

Improvements based on your feedback

Copilot available directly in Outlook

You can now access Copilot in Outlook from the navigation bar instead of having to go to your browser or Microsoft Teams.

Try in Outlook

Notify meeting participants when Copilot without transcription is on

In Microsoft Teams, a banner will appear notifying participants that AI is being used in the meeting.

Guide your creative efforts

Copilot can help determine which Microsoft 365 app is right for your project. Just select Help me create in Microsoft 365 and tell Copilot what you want to do.

Ask Copilot, "Create a report about best practices for running a marketing campaign."

Try in Microsoft 365

Get formula suggestions in Excel

Use Copilot in Excel to generate multiple formula column suggestions simultaneously with a single prompt.

Ask Copilot, "Split the name column into first name and last name."

Try in Excel

Easily understand ongoing conversations

The page analysis capabilities for Copilot in Loop now include the ability to get insights or ask questions about ongoing conversation threads on the Loop page.

Try in Loop

Use Copilot directly in Outlook

Copilot is now available to use directly in the new Outlook for Windows and in the web version, using a work or school account, just as you can in other Microsoft 365 apps.

Copilot can find a specific email, summarize your meetings, or outline emails in your inbox that may have action items for you.

Try in Outlook

Organize your notes

Ask Copilot to enhance your understanding by offering solutions, condensing notes, making to-do lists, and answering your questions.

Improvements based on your feedback

Access your company data from anywhere

You can now sign in to the Copilot mobile app using your work email account to access your company's data in addition to public data.

Try in Microsoft 365

Optimize your channel posts with Copilot for Microsoft Teams

Copilot is now available in Microsoft Teams channels, just like it is in chat and group chat. With Copilot at your side, you can rewrite or adjust your posts to make collaborating and communicating more effective.

Try in Teams

Pull key info and prepare for meetings

With the new Copilot experience pinned above your Teams chats, Copilot can help you search, ask, and create.

Ask Copilot: "Create an agenda based on /[document] in a friendly tone. Include a table with key action items and deliverables."

Transform a doc into a presentation

Ask Copilot in PowerPoint to turn an existing Word doc into a fully designed PowerPoint presentation.

Ask Copilot: "Create a presentation from /[document name or link]."

Have a conversation in Excel

Ask Copilot follow-up questions, get clarification to responses, or chat about other things.

Ask Copilot: "Tell me what I can do with Copilot in Excel."

Access info across your organization

Copilot in OneNote can search and pull responses from all of the information stored in your organization.

Create a form fast

Shows the Forms icon.

Use Copilot to make surveys, polls, and forms. Tell Copilot in Forms what you want and let it generate a draft that you can further refine.

Ask Copilot: "Create a survey about customer satisfaction with [product name]."

Improvements based on your feedback

Copilot in PowerPoint can now add images to your presentations to make them more engaging.

Ask Copilot, "Add an image of [subject] to slide 3."

Try in PowerPoint

When you reference a Word document tagged as confidential, Copilot will keep that information labeled as confidential.

Try in Word

Stay focused in meetings

Copilot in Teams automatically captures notes and action items from your meeting so you can focus on the conversation.

Try it: From your meeting window, select Copilot icon > Recap the meeting.

Now available in more languages

Copilot in Excel is now available in Simplified Chinese (commercial only), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Looking for where to start in Loop?

Ask Copilot to brainstorm for you. Use pre-selected prompts or type your own.

Ask Copilot, "Provide 2-3 ideas for a May marketing campaign for our new product."

Don't be caught without a plan

Use Copilot in OneNote to draft a plan, summarize notes, or even create a to-do list.

Improvements based on your feedback

When you draft an email using Copilot in Outlook, you can now set the tone of the draft to make it more direct or neutral, casual, or formal...even make it a poem.

Try in Outlook

Copilot now lets you delete your prompt history while scrolling through it in MicrosoftCopilot.

Try in Microsoft Copilot

Reuse a formatted table

Copilot can help you make new tables with the same format as the ones you already have in your Word doc.

Try it: Choose Copilot icon > Visualize as a table

Need an email coach?

While drafting an email, Copilot can provide coaching and make suggestions on tone, clarity, and reader sentiment.
*Now available in classic Outlook for Windows*

Try it: Choose Copilot icon > Coaching by Copilot

Visualize your data

Ask Copilot to create a compelling chart to display your data in a visual way.

Try this prompt: "Create a chart showing the profit margin for each product category for the last three years."

Get a summary of your notes

Make notes using the audio recording and transcription feature and ask Copilot to create a summary and arrange the information how you want it.

Try this prompt: "Create a summary of the notes on this page. Arrange the information chronologically in bullet points."

Opt out of recording or transcribing a meeting

*Available to Enterprise users*

Use Copilot during your meeting, even if it's not recorded or transcribed.

Try it: Open Copilotfrom the meeting options.

Merge information

*Available to Enterprise users*

Ask Copilot to combine content from different documents into a single new document.

Try this prompt: "Look at [doc1] and [doc2], identify 3-4 common themes, and then pull them together in a new doc."

Improvements based on your feedback

Now you can search for files using the "/" function.

Transform text into a table

Select your desired text, and Copilot will generate a table that matches your data.
*Only available in Word for the web*

Try it: Select text > Choose Copilot icon > Visualize as a table

Catch everyone up

Help people get caught up faster on a long email thread by asking Copilot to summarize it for them.

Try it: Choose Summary by Copilot

Turn your idea into a presentation

Tell Copilot what you want to talk about, and it will make, organize, and design a draft.

Try this prompt: "Create a presentation for a team meeting that includes budget, staffing, and project updates."

Go deeper with your data

Copilot can select parts of your data to make quick charts or add new columns with formulas for your tables.

Try this prompt: "Add a green-yellow-red color scale to the 3rd column of the Marketing results table."

Get info from a recorded meeting

*Available to Enterprise users*

Copilot can give you insights, explain context, and explore parts of the conversation.

Try it: Open Recap. Ask Copilot "List the project milestones in bullet format."

Need answers quickly?

*Available to Enterprise users*

Ask Copilot about specific files and messages, or about info you can't recall where it's stored.

Try this prompt: "Summarize emails where I was mentioned recently. Make it detailed, highlighting the sender and categorizing by the topic of the email."

Improvements based on your feedback

Summarize is now available in classic Outlook for Windows. Copilot in Outlook can give a summary or answer specific, open-ended questions.

Try these prompts: Ask Copilot to "summarize this email" or "what is the call to action?"

Ask Copilot questions about the content of your document in Word, PowerPoint, or OneNote, and it will give citations and references for the answers.

Write emails quickly

Save time by letting Copilotdraft an email for you.

Try this prompt: "Let the team know that we need to choose fewer projects for this quarter due to the upcoming holidays."

Turn a document into a presentation

Give Copilotthe link to a Word document to create a new presentation.

Try this prompt: "Create a presentation from file."

Get insights from your data

Generate highlights, get quick visualizations, or create new columns with formulas.

Try this prompt: "Calculate total cost per product in a new column."

Got questions?

teams what's new icon copilot what's new icon
*Available to Enterprise users*

Get answers about a meeting, chat, channel, or anything you need from your organization.

Try these prompts: "What's our vacation policy?" or "Create a table with the ideas discussed and their pros and cons."

Collaborate about ideas

whiteboard what's new icon

Ask Copilot to suggest ideas about topics, categorize ideas into themes, or summarize into a shareable Loop component.

Try this prompt: "Suggest inexpensive ways to optimize our website for organic search."

Improvements based on your feedback

word what's new icon

Use Copilot in Word to rewrite text that is more than one paragraph. Adjust the tone of your text to be professional, casual, imaginative, or concise.

Start a draft

word what's new icon

Get past the dreaded blank page and ask Copilot to create your first draft.

Try this prompt: "Write an article about the importance of collaboration."

View a short summary

outlook what's new icon

Save time reading long email threads by asking Copilot for a summary.

Try it: Choose Summary by Copilot

Catch up fast

teams what's new icon copilot what's new icon
*Available to Enterprise users*

Get a recap of recorded meetings, conversations, or files to learn what you missed.

Try this prompt: "Summarize what I've missed, including what decisions were made, due dates, and action items for me."

Improvements based on your feedback

outlook what's new icon

When Copilot in Outlook drafts an email for you, it will include your preferred email signature.

powerpoint what's new icon

Create presentations with Copilot using your own branded templates.

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