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Note: This information applies only to Surface, Surface Type Cover, Xbox Console, and Kinect.

Updating your warranty

You will need to contact support in order to update the warranty start date for your Surface, Surface Type Cover, Xbox Console, or Kinect. Before we can update your warranty, you will need the following:

  • Your sales/purchase receipt from an authorized Surface or Xbox retailer.

  • Your Surface, Surface Type Cover, Xbox Console, or Kinect serial number.

Checking your warranty status

You'll need to register your Surface, Surface Type Cover, Xbox Console, or Kinect to your Microsoft account. For more info on registering your device, go to Manage devices used with your Microsoft account.

When you've registered your device, go to and select it to see its warranty status.

Proof of purchase

In order to update your warranty, you will need to provide a valid sales/purchase receipt from an authorized retailer. If your retailer isn’t on this list, don’t worry, you can send it to us anyway and we will validate it if it meets the following criteria.

A valid sales/purchase receipt will clearly indicate the retailer name, the purchase date, and the item purchased as shown in the example below (in English only). If the sales/purchase receipt does not clearly indicate these requirements, it will not be accepted.

Your receipt (or proof of purchase) should state the store where the device was purchased, the date, and have the device listed (or itemized).

Frequently asked questions

Unacceptable proof-of-purchases include, but are not limited to:

  • Bank or credit card statements

  • Hand-written receipts (some exceptions may apply)

  • Statements from eBay, Amazon Marketplace, or other non-retail locations that do not specify the product is new

  • Pre-order receipts

Common image and file formats which are acceptable such as JPEG, PDF, and PNG.

The warranty dates will only be updated based on the original sale date when purchased new. If you have the original proof of purchase from the original sale it will be accepted.

You can provide a valid sales/purchase receipt from an authorized retailer that lists the purchase of Microsoft Complete to have this corrected.

The warranty on your device is valid in the country or region where it was purchased.  Warranty support may be limited or not available if you are no longer in the original purchase country, especially if you are in a country where Surface or Xbox is not sold.

Find an authorized retailer for Surface or Xbox.

The warranty on your accessory is based on the original sale date on your proof of purchase when purchased new.

Contact support

When you have your proof of purchase ready, contact support to update your warranty.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours to update after it's been completed.

Here's how to contact support:

  1. Go to Microsoft account | Devices and locate your device.

  2. Select Info & support and, if necessary, select Register to register the device and see coverage details.

  3. On the row for Warranty claims, select Learn more.

  4. Select submit a request.

  5. Provide information on the Warranty Support request form and select Submit.

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