Find your way with maps

Whether you’re driving, walking, or taking the bus, Maps for Windows 10 gets you there. See alternate routes on a map, get turn-by-turn directions, or download maps to use offline.

Get turn-by-turn directions

Keep your eyes on the road while Maps guides you out loud.

  1. Select the Start

    button, then select Maps Asset not found and then Directions .

  2. Choose a different transportation mode if you like—for example, Walking .

  3. Type an address, city, or business name in the To box and select from the results that appear as you type.

  4. To hear step-by-step directions as you travel, select Go .


Offline maps

On the road without dependable Internet access? Download maps over Wi-Fi before you go, then use the Maps app to search and get directions, even when you’re offline.

  1. With the Maps app closed, select the Start

    button, then select Settings > System > Offline maps .

  2. Select Download maps, and then choose the region you want to download.


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