Find more free and essential games for your Windows 10 device and for Xbox One, and start downloading them instantly.

Games for this device

To get more games for your Windows 10 device, select the Start

button, then Store
, and then choose Games. You'll see games we picked for you, and a list of Top free games.

Screenshot of Games page in the Windows Store

For a particular game or type of game, select Search and type search terms such as racing games or card games, depending on what you're looking for.

When you find a game you want, choose it, then select Free (if it's free) or Buy (if it's not free). Follow the instructions, and the game will automatically start downloading and installing on the device you're using.

To play your game, select Play. To play it later, find all your games in the Xbox

Xbox 徽标的图像
app, in My games.

Games for your Xbox One

To get more games for your Xbox One, open the Xbox

Xbox 徽标的图像
app, then select Store from the menu. Browse the Xbox One games featured there, or enter your search where it says Search for Xbox One games.


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