XGEN:Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 1 中修复的缺陷列表

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301378 XGEN:How to Obtain the Latest Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack

Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 1

249404 XCON:Limitation of 28 Notes Dirsync Fields in the Amap.tbl File
254054 Invalid Ordinals Contained in Accessors Used in RowsetChange::SetData May Cause Proxy to Crash
260912 XADM:Exchange Server Categorization Count Displays 4294967296 in Performance Monitor
263064 XADM:Blackberry Service Stops Responding If the Exchange Server Computers Are Offline
263755 XFOR:Lotus Notes Command-Line Migration Instructions Incomplete in Existing Service Pack Documentation
263898 XCON:East European Extended Characters Lost in T.61 Content Conversion
263908 XADM:Information Store Crash in EcReplFolderMessagesUnpack
264335 XADM:CopyFolder Presents Unicode Without Unicode Flag
266259 XGEN:MAPI Applications Opening Messages Simultaneously Do Not Save Properties Correctly
266711 XFOR:Connector for cc:Mail Cannot Route Mail with Message Headers Larger Than 4 KB
267569 XCCC:"Access Is Denied" Error Message When Accessing Folders in Outlook Web Access
268142 XADM:ADC Does Not Replicate Proxy Addresses Over Inter-Organizational Connection Agreement
268324 XCLN:Changing Parent Distinguished Name Lists Causes Corrupted Offline Address Books
270876 XCLN:Unable to Rejoin After Leaving a Conversation
273612 XADM:Exchange 2000 Active Directory Connector Does Not Create Proxy Addresses for Custom Recipients in Exchange Server 5.5
273615 XWEB:Mail Clients That Are Not UTF-8 Aware Cannot View Messages Sent from Exchange 2000
273646 XCON:Message Transfer Agent Repeatedly Fails to Start with Event 155 or Event 164
273791 XADM:MDAC 2.6 Breaks ADO MoveNext() Function with Exchange 2000
273862 XCCC:"Conference Not Started" Error Message Occurs After Time Change
274153 XADM:Exchange 2000 Server Active Directory Connector Does Not Work Adding Multiple Users with Same Alias Name
274281 XADM:Information Store Crash in UNK__Delete
274345 XADM:Exchange 2000 Setup Removes SMTP and NNTP from Internet Services Manager
274550 XADM:Large Number of Recipient Policies Causes Metabase Problem
274663 XADM:Cannot Set Contributor or Author Permissions on Public Folders
274766 XADM:Information Store Cannot Tune the Number of Store RPC Threads
274808 XADM:put_ProxyAddresses() Returns Error if the First Exchange 2000 Server Is Down
275203 XADM:Offline Address Book Cannot Be Associated with a Particular Mailbox
275261 XCLN:Sent Messages Remain in Outbox for Longer Than Expected
275511 XADM:Recipient Update Service Logs Errors with Event IDs 8022 and 8270
275596 XADM:MAPI Messages Stack Up in Send Queue to the Host Specified in Forward Unresolved Recipients
275880 XADM:Information Store Stops with NULL Security Descriptor in EcLegacyDNFromSid
276081 XADM:Information Store Service Responds Sluggishly and Consumes 90 to 100 Percent of CPU Time
276462 XADM:Invalid Property Value in Public Folder Message Can Crash the Information Store
276479 XADM:Two-Way Connection Agreement Modifies Add-Ins Container in Exchange Server 5.5
276491 XCCC:MCU Server Object Is Not Displayed in Conferencing Manager
276557 XCLN:Unable to Redefine Msimsrv.dll into Script Mapping in IIS Instmsg vRoot
276605 XCCC:Exchange Conference Service Does Not Upgrade from Evaluation Version to Full Version
277778 XCCC:Always Prompted to Configure the Site Conference Calendar Mailbox
277801 XCCC:"Server Error" Error Message When Attempting to Join Remote Conference
277902 XADM:The Recipient Update Service Writes a Non-Canonical Security Descriptor to the Group
277903 XWEB:Access Violation in Exprox.dll File on Front-End Server
278234 XCON:SMTP Does Not Support the "Require TLS Encryption for Clear Text Authentication" Feature
278235 XADM:Exchange 2000 Can't Manage a Very Large Number of Domain Queues Simultaneously
278305 XADM:Exchange 2000 Server Users Cannot View Free and Busy Data of Exchange Server 5.5 Users with Connection Agreement Between Organizations
278306 XADM:Information Store Stops Responding When the Routing Engine Is Started
278487 XIMS:Information Store Stops Responding from an IMAP4 Download Because of Pointer to a CMDBMessage
278523 XADM:Exchange 2000 Setup Fails and Security Vulnerability
278641 XADM:Offline Address Book Users Cannot Download Offline Address Book from Server
279209 XCON:Leading Space in Distribution List Name Is Causing Non-Delivery Report
279287 XADM:Information Store Crash in EcLookupMemberCache in Low Memory Conditions
279495 XCON:SMTP Connector May Never Be Down When All of the Source Bridgehead Servers Are Down
279615 XADM:Lack of Available Virtual Memory Affects Server Performance
279616 XCON:Adding a Registry Key to Re-Categorize Messages
280136 BUG:Incorrect Version of Dapi.dll Installed from Exchange 2000 CD for Exchange 5.5 Management Tools
280354 XADM:NTDSNomatch Does Not Work with SID History
280396 XCLN:Offline Address Book Is Not Generated
280794 XIMS:Message Cannot Be Sent to Domains with MX Record Pointing to CNAME Record
281450 XADM:Cannot Install Exchange 2000 on a Cluster Without a Physical Disk Resource
281736 XSTR:Poor Performance with Advanced Find Custom Property Query
282217 XADM:ADC Creates Mail-Disabled Object
282298 XADM:Unable to Send Mail to Members That Have the Same Length DBCS Distinguished Name
282314 XADM:Site Addressing Generates Incorrect SMTP Address for "%g.%s.%m"
282560 XADM:Shared Drive M No Longer Shared Out After Server Restart
283195 XWEB:Passing 'FRONT-END-HTTPS:on' Custom Header from F5 Networks SSL Gateway to the Front-End Server Does Not Enable an SSL Session in OWA
283287 XADM:Users Receive Random 5.7.1 and 5.7.3 NDRs
283291 XADM:Messages for Local Delivery Remain in Queue
283632 XADM:CDO May Not Able to Retrieve Certain MAPI Properties
283691 XADM:Store Backup Runs More Slowly as Database Becomes Fragmented
283736 XGEN:Exchange 2000 Server Post-Release Information Store Fixes Available
283832 XADM:MBI Cache Needs to Expire Earlier When ecWrongServer Is Returned for a User
284226 XADM:New Appointments or Updated Recurring Appointments Are Not Expanded
284233 XFOR:Migration Wizard Does Not Extract Calendar Data from Lotus Notes Server
284257 XGEN:Exchange 2000 Server Post-Release Administrator Program Fixes Available
285197 XADM:Information Store Crash in exsmtp!IMsgWrap__HrAddRecipient
285791 XCLN:When You Create New Mail or Reply to Mail, the Mail Contents That You Add Are Lost
286825 XCON:MTA System Monitor Counters Do Not Work When You Connect Using Terminal Services
287058 XCON:Messages NDR If the Least-Cost Route Is Scoped
287636 XADM:Exchange Server Categorization Count Displays 4294967296 in Performance Monitor
287678 XWEB:Malformed URL Can Cause Service Failure in IIS 5.0 and Exchange 2000 Server
287744 XGEN:Exchange 2000 Server Post-Release Directory Fixes Available
287935 XADM:1450 Error When Jet Attempts to Extend Log File
288109 XGEN:Exchange 2000 Server Post-Release Transport Fixes Available
288226 XGEN:Exchange 2000 Server Post-Release Outlook Web Access Fixes Available
288381 XCCC:Davex "404 Resource Not Found" Error Message with Two or More Virtual Domains
288392 XADM:Config_CA Connection Agreement Replication Stops with Event ID 8146 Protocol Error Message After You Remove Server
288408 XADM:Read and Write Permissions on Hidden-Membership DLs Are Removed
288524 XADM:Exchange 2000 Server JET Database Stops Unexpectedly Because of Large Subject Prefix on Embedded Messages
288544 XCON:Server Cache Load Problem Causes Exchange Server 5.5 Connector to Be Marked Down Permanently
288555 XCON:Cannot View PendingRerouteQ for Remote MTAs
288645 XADM:ACE Is Not Stamped on Hidden-Membership Distribution List That Is Created in Exchange System Manager
288648 XADM:Background Cleanup Errors During Information Store Shutdown Are Misleading
288651 XADM:Page Checksum Is Not Recalculated After an Offline Defragmentation of the .stm File
288656 XCON:Highlighted Text Is Not Legible After Migration from cc:Mail to Exchange 2000
288664 XADM:Cannot Stop MSsearch while a Master Merge Is in Progress
288668 XADM:Stopping a Content Index Crawl with Exchange System Manager Logs Catastrophic Failure in Gatherer Log
288669 XCON:Emsmta.exe Cannot Locate Eicon Drivers
288677 XADM:Master Merge May Appear to Be Stuck at "Paused - Flushing"
288687 XADM:Digital All-in-1 Source Extractor File Has an Extra Leading Dot in Many Lines
288701 XADM:Information Store Crashes Because Text Property Is Missing Terminating Null Character
288775 PRB:Credentials Dialog Box When Exchange Accessed with MAPI
288840 Mailboxes Not Accessible After Upgrade to Exchange 2000
288871 XADM:Rank Value Overwritten When Doing a Deep Traversal in Exchange 2000
288894 XADM:Feature to Disable MAPI Clients
289109 XADM:How to Limit the Number of Messages Opened for Each MAPI Logon
289286 XADM:Backup Does Not Work When Backing Up Multiple Storage Groups
289554 XCCC:Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape Web Clients Cannot Compose Appointment on August 31
289744 XCCC:Cannot Replicate Conferencing Resources to Lotus Notes or Novell GroupWise
289775 XADM:Exchange 2000 Server Experiences Memory Leaks Because of Many Embedded Messages
289779 XADM:Exchange 2000 Information Store Runs Sluggishly with VSOM Error Messages
290589 XWEB:Information Store Cannot Render "htmldescription" Value If the String of the Property Is Larger Than 32 KB
290786 XADM:A Full Backup Is Required After You Restore an Exchange 2000 Database
291222 XGEN:Rollup of Selected Exchange 2000 Server Post-Release Fixes
291248 XIMS:High CPU Use by Inetinfo.exe Process Degrades E-mail Delivery
293458 XCON:How to Add the "Share Address Space with Other X.400 Systems" Option in Exchange 2000
294175 Slow Mail Performance and Notification of Delay When You Send Mail to Another Domain
294821 XADM:Recommendations for Using Content Indexing Utilities (Pstoreutl or Catutil) in a Cluster Environment
294830 XADM:How to Recover Content Indexing When the Default SMTP E-mail Policy Is Changed
296233 XADM:Deleted Users Prevent Access to Public Folders in a Mixed-Mode Environment
296824 XADM:Error Message When You Move Multiple Mailboxes Concurrently by Using CDOEXM
297008 XCLN:Outlook Offline Address Book Available for Download Is Based on the Account That You Use to Log On
297052 XCCC:Cannot Select the Systeme Font in French Internet Explorer
297329 XGEN:Exchange 2000 Server Post-Release Cluster Fixes Available
297354 XCCC:Polish Outlook Web Access Time Zone Translations Are Inaccurate
297464 XIMS:Plain Text Messages May Be Sent as HTML
298611 XADM:SRS May Stop Responding Because of an RPC Denial of Service Attack
298809 XADM:User Accounts and Mailboxes Created with Active Directory Users and Computers Are Not Available for Logon
299436 XFOR:Migration Wizard Does Not Search Active Directory for Security Identifier of the External Account
299535 XGEN:Incorrect Attachment Processing in Exchange 2000 Outlook Web Access Can Run Script
299562 XFOR:Connector for cc:Mail Uses the Secondary Proxy Address, Which Can Cause an NDR
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