INFO:Microsoft .NET Framework Service Pack 2 中纠正的错误的列表

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本文介绍 Microsoft .NET Framework Service Pack 2 (SP2) 纠正的错误。Service Pack 是累积的。因此,一个 Service Pack 中纠正的错误也会在其后的 Service Pack 中得到纠正。这样,在安装 .NET Framework Service Pack 2 (SP2) 之前就不需要安装 .NET Framework Service Pack 1 (SP1)。

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.NET Framework Service Pack 2

318738 FIX:.NET Programs Are Slow to Load When Running Under a Domain
319012 FIX:在 Windows 2000 上查看 ASP.NET 页时出现延迟
319083 FIX:ASP.NET Does Not Pick Up the REMOTE_PORT Server Variable from IIS
319177 FIX:CallContext Objects Are Lost When You Create a New Serviced Component
319991 FIX:ASP.NET 不将 Bin 目录下的文件复制到 Temporary ASP.NET Files 文件夹
320011 FIX:System.InvalidOperationException If You Use XslTransform in Multithreaded Scenario
320353 FIX:ASP.NET Worker Process Does Not Start on Computers with the /3GB Boot Switch
320425 FIX:.Dispose or .Clear of a ListView takes a very long time if some entries were removed before.
321552 FIX:ender Method in BasePartialCachingControl Class Renders by Using HtmlTextWriter
321556 FIX:System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException When You Double-Click Row Divider with Empty Cells
321562 FIX:Role-Based Authentication Fails for Users Who Belong to Many Groups
321563 FIX:EventLog.WriteEntry Method May Fail Under Stress
321792 FIX:ASP.NET 辅助进程 (Aspnet_wp.exe) 被意外回收
321831 FIX:Connection Problems When You Make a Web Request with WebRequest Class
321954 FIX:Search Consumes All Available CPU Time on Windows XP After You Install .NET Framework
322289 MS02-026:Unchecked Buffer in ASP.NET Worker Process
319345 FIX:Thread Abort During SqlCommand.ExecuteReader Corrupts SqlConnection Pool

.NET Framework Service Pack 1

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Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 2

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