Troubleshooting Office application issues with automated diagnostics


To help you identify known problems with Microsoft Office programs, a series of diagnostic packages have been created and integrated with the Microsoft Fix it Center Pro service. The specific Office diagnostic package you run in the Fix it Center Pro portal depends on the Office program in which you are experiencing a problem.

To run a diagnostic for an Office program, please follow these steps:
  1. Under Analysis packages, click the link for the baseline diagnostic that corresponds to the Office program with which you may be experiencing a problem.

    For example, if you are experiencing a problem with Microsoft Outlook, click the link for Microsoft Outlook Baseline Diagnostic.

  2. When prompted, enter a name for the analysis "session", and then click Save.

    Note, an analysis session is used to help you organize the data generated by the diagnostic. This allows you to review it later on and to keep it separate from other analysis sessions you may have for other diagnostics.

  3. When prompted to start the analysis, click Download.
  4. When prompted to either run or save the file, click Run.
  5. Then, follow the prompts provided in the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool.

    The troubleshooter that corresponds to the product baseline you selected is downloaded and then launched.

  6. When the diagnostic is finished collecting data, select the appropriate response when you see the following prompt.

  7. If you selected one of the options to upload your data to Microsoft, return to the Fix it Center Pro portal and click Analysis in the left panel to view the analysis provided by the baseline diagnostic.
  8. Select the analysis session to be viewed.

    Note, the analysis session will show Initializing in the Progress column while your uploaded data is being analyzed. The amount of time to analyze your data depends on the baseline diagnostic that was used to collect your data.

    The data has been fully analyzed when you see Completed in the Progress column.

  9. With the analysis session selected in the top pane, view the analysis of your uploaded data on the Details tab in the bottom pane.

  10. To see details, including possible solutions, on potential issues that were detected, click any issue listed under Potential Issues. The expanded details on the issue will be shown.

More Information

For more information about Fix it Center Pro, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Microsoft Fix it Center Pro automated diagnostic portal

The following baseline diagnostic packages are available in the Fix it Center Pro portal to troubleshoot problems in Office programs.


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