TFS2010 Troubleshooter for Warehouse


TFS2010 Troubleshooter for Warehouse is to troubleshoot Team Foundation Server 2010 Warehouse related issues where TFS reports have stale or inaccurate data.

More Information

Information Collected

Warehouse Log

DescriptionFile Name
Results from GetProcessingStatus() webservice call Getproc-TFS-warehouse.xml

The data collected will contain the following information.

TFS_Analysis Cube processing results for the following jobs:

- Common Structures Warehouse Sync
- Full Analysis Database Sync
- Incremental Analysis Database Sync

TFS_Warehouse relational database results for the following jobs and each database collections:

-Build Warehouse Sync
-Common Structures Warehouse Sync
-Test Management Warehouse Sync
-Version Control Warehouse Sync
-Work Item Tracking Warehouse Sync


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