Simple in Windows 8 Microsoft pinyin IME update instructions for popular words dictionary

Input method editor (IME) is an application, which allows users to connect through a standard keyboard to enter a complex string or symbol, such as Chinese characters and Japanese kana. Users can input characters by using one of the following ways: voice expression, roots, number of strokes, or enter a digital code index of the character. Typically, IME convert one or more dictionaries will be used when the key string is converted to a string; IME dictionary is a data file, which contains a list of words/phrases, and the corresponding information for IME conversion. In order to ensure the proper input popular words, dictionaries often need to be updated frequently.

When the dictionary is updated, will take the latest words and buzzwords included simple in Windows 8 Microsoft pinyin IME dictionary of words so simple in Windows 8 Microsoft pinyin input method users can easily enter the popular terms and buzzwords.

Dictionary update specific steps:

Right-click Microsoft Pinyin and English iconFunction menuSelectInput options

Switch to Dictionary Manager tab. Now we have two options for the dictionary updates:
  1. Automatic updates. Microsoft pinyin simplified IME with Microsoft Update in Windows Update settings settings are consistent. If you have selected "Install updates automatically (recommended)"Keep auto-updates to the dictionary.

  2. Manual update. ClickUpdating or installing dictionariesButtons.

    And then selectCheck for updatesCan be.

If that doesn't work, you can climbForumFind any good solution.

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