NTFS Event Processor network error in ERM


On the Event Log tab in Account Administration in the Microsoft Prodiance Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM) web portal, you receive an error that resembles the following:

Prodiance NTFS Event Processor on Servername: #### -- Received error (An unexpected network error occurred) on folder:
\\domain.com\Files\Shared\Accounting: File system watchers are being refreshed to fix error.  


While the NTFS Processor monitors the network, a problem in the network or with the file server can cause this error as the processor cannot communicate with the share.  


Wait to see whether or not the error resolves itself if it is caused by a temporary issue. Try going to the folder from the application server to see whether or not you can access it. To further troubleshoot this error, a network trace would be required on the Prodiance application server to see what could be causing the disruption in service.  


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