Error 1025 or "cannot create Mailbox" in Outlook for Mac 2011


If you see "cannot create Mailbox", "unknown namespace", or error 1025 while using an IMAP mail account like Gmail, update Outlook for Mac 2011 to version 14.2.3 or later. You can download and install the update from the Office for Mac updates webpage.

If the problems persist even after updating to the latest version, you can try removing your IMAP mail account and re-creating it in Outlook for Mac 2011. To remove the account, follow these steps:
  1. Start Outlook.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
  3. Click the account you'd like to remove, and then click the minus sign ("-") icon in the lower-left corner or press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete the account.
To recreate the account, follow the steps in Set up or recover Hotmail, Gmail, or AOL (POP or IMAP) email in Outlook for Mac 2011.

More Information

What is an IMAP mail account?

IMAP is an Internet-based mail account. An example of an IMAP account would be a Gmail account or AOL Mail account. Messages from these accounts appear in folders in the Outlook folder list, under the name of the account.

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