Transparent circles print as squares in Booklet mode


Consider the following scenario:

When printing a document that contains transparent circles in booklet mode using a PostScript driver, the circles may print as solid squares.


Word 2007 does not print transparent circles correctly when PostScript PassThrough is disabled. This also occurs when Word 2010 prints a document that was created with Word 2007.


To workaround this issue, use either option 1 or 2 below:

1. Print with a non-PostScript driver.

2. In Word 2010, convert the objects in the document:
a. Click on the File menu.
b. Select "Info" in the right-hand window. 
c. In the "Compatibility Mode" section, click the "Convert" button. 

Note: If the document does not have any objects that need to be converted, this option will not be visible. 

More Information

Print drivers built on PSCRIPT5.DLL accept Postscript Passthrough to do non-booklet n-up printing. When booklet mode is enabled, PostScript Passthrough is disabled because PSCRPT5.DLL relies on the print processor to playback the pages in the special Booklet mode ordering. This is necessary because the driver itself does not cache pages. When PostScript Passthrough is disabled, the output is affected by the Word 2007 issue. 

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