You cannot export a mailbox or find a mailbox to export in Customer Management Portal in Office 365 dedicated


In Microsoft Office 365 dedicated, you experience one or more of the following symptoms:
  • You cannot export a mailbox in Customer Management Portal (CMP).
  • You cannot find a mailbox to export in CMP.


These issues occur because of some known limitations of the PST capture feature in CMP version 12.3.


To resolve these issues, you may have to contact Microsoft Online Services Support by online submission or by telephone  for help. To try to resolve these issues yourself, use one of the following methods, as appropriate for your situation.

Archive mailboxes

Customer Management Portal 12.3 does not let you export archive mailboxes. To export an archive mailbox, please use the Exchange Online topic and the Self-Service sub-topic when you submit a support incident online to Microsoft Online Services Support, or contact Microsoft Online Services Support by telephone .

In Customer Management Portal 13.1, you can export archive mailboxes.

Disconnected mailboxes

After a disconnected mailbox is exported to a PST file from CMP, the mailbox cannot be located in CMP for some hours if you try to export the mailbox again. To work around this issue, wait until a server cache expires. Then, the mailbox can be located in CMP.

Note When a disconnected mailbox is captured, it is temporarily connected to a surrogate account to make the export possible. When this behavior occurs, the mailbox is removed from the disconnected mailbox cache. After the export is completed, the mailbox is disconnected from the temporary surrogate account. Because the process that updates the disconnected mailbox cache runs in a continuous loop, the mailbox is not present in the disconnected mailbox cache until the disconnected mailbox cache is refreshed. The time that is required for this process varies from customer to customer and depends on the size of the environment and on other performance or load factors. Generally, the update of the disconnected mailbox cache takes between two and six hours.

Export failures

There are some different reasons that cause an export mailbox operation to fail. For example, if a mailbox has over 50 malformed items or bad items, the export mailbox operation fails because the limitation for override items is 50 in CMP.

The error message that is returned in CMP may be generic. Generally, you should escalate the error message to Microsoft to investigate. To do this, please use the Exchange Online topic and the Self-Service sub-topic when you submit a support incident online  to Microsoft Online Services Support, or contact Microsoft Online Services Support by telephone .  

In Customer Management Portal 13.1, the maximum number of malformed items is increased. Therefore, mailbox exports should not fail for over the limitation of override items. During the export process, if Exchange encounters items that it cannot process, these items are skipped, and details are included in the report in the PST share location. The name of the report will be the name of the PST file plus the "_BadItemReport.txt" suffix.

Deskless workers

If a mailbox is not configured to enable MAPI connections, you cannot export the mailbox to a PST file in CMP. To work around this issue, follow these steps:
  1. Members of the Protocol Control self-service group can use Windows Remote PowerShell to temporarily enable MAPI for the mailbox. To do this, use the following cmdlet in Windows Remote PowerShell:
    Set-CasMailbox - MAPIEnabled $true 
  2. You have to wait about 60 minutes to make sure that the MAPI block is disabled.
  3. Export the mailbox by using CMP.
  4. Wait for up to 24 hours for the MAPI block to be reset on the mailbox. Or, you can enable the MAPI block immediately. To do this, run the following cmdlet in Windows Remote PowerShell:
    Set-CasMailbox -MAPIEnabled $false 

Cannot access PST share

By default, the file share that is used by the PST Export function is available to members of the MSO Perms Admin security group. This group is the CMP group that grants access to the PST Export function. Some companies may want to restrict access to the share by using a specific security group through the Change Request (CR) process for Office 365 dedicated plans. 

All other failures

Please contact Microsoft Online Services Support by online submission  or by telephone . Additionally, provide the following information:
  • Name and SMTP address of the mailbox that cannot to be exported
  • Exact failure text
  • Day or time when the failure occurs

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