You can't locate city names when you search for emergency locations for PSTN callers in Skype for Business Online


Consider the following scenario:

  • You set up a Skype for Business Online user for public switched telephone network (PSTN) calling.
  • You assign a validated emergency address and location.
  • You open the Assign number page, and then you enter the full name of a city in the Find City box under Change emergency address to. Then, you click Search.
In this scenario, the search fails.


When you search for city names, enter only the first letter of the name, and then click the down arrow in the Select emergency address field to see the matching results. You can then select the city name from that list.


When emergency addresses are validated, the city name is changed to the Master Address abbreviation so that the correct location is identifiable to emergency responders.

For more information about how to assign emergency locations for users, go to the following Microsoft websites:

Still need help? Go to Microsoft Community.

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