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Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit Utility NotesCopyright 1995 Microsoft CorporationThis document contains information about setting up the Windows 95Resource Kit utilities.1.0  SETUP FOR WINDOWS 95 RESOURCE KIT UTILITIES================================================IMPORTANT: These utilities are only for computers running Windows 95.The files on the Windows 95 Resource Kit disks are compressed.You must use the Add/Remove Programs option in Control Panelto install these tools.The sample schedule file (DEPLOY.MPT) requires Microsoft Project.If this software is not installed on your computer, you can use theSetup program in the PLAN folder to install a version of MicrosoftProject for viewing and modifying this file.To set up the Windows 95 Resource Kit utilities:1. In Windows 95, click the Add/Remove Programs option   in Control Panel.2. Click the Windows Setup tab.3. Click the Have Disk button.4. In the Install From Disk dialog box, specify the path   to the Windows 95 Resource Kit utilities, and then click OK.5. In the Have Disk dialog box, click to place a check mark beside   each option you want to install. Then click the Install button.To remove one or more Windows 95 Resource Kit utilities:1. In Windows 95, click the Add/Remove Programs option   in Control Panel.2. In the Install/Uninstall dialog box, click the item you want   to remove, and then click the Add/Remove button.For information about specific utilities, see the summaries providedin the following section.2.0  SUMMARY OF WINDOWS 95 RESOURCE KIT UTILITIES=================================================Tools for learning about Windows 95-----------------------------------* Windows 95 Resource Kit online (WIN95RK.HLP, WIN95RK.CNT)  for finding information quickly.* Administrator's online tour (TOUR4A.HLP, TOUR4ADM.CNT)  for viewing the Windows 95 network and system management features  described in the Windows 95 Resource Kit.* Information for Macintosh users (MACUSERS.HLP, MACUSERS.HLP)  about the Windows 95 interface.* Description of Resource Kit utilities (OVERVIEW.HLP, OVERVIEW.HLP)Tools for Upgrading Your Site to Windows 95-------------------------------------------* Batch Setup utility (BATCH.EXE) for creating  setup script batch files for installing Windows 95  on multiple computers. For more information, click  the Help menu in Batch Setup. See also the BATCH.TXT file  or the related topic in WIN95RK.HLP.  Required files: BATCH.EXE, BATCH.HLP, CMDIALOG.VBX, OPTIONAL.INI,  VBRUN300.DLL* INF Installer utility (INFINST.EXE)  for adding software to the Windows 95 source files  stored on a network server.  For information about INF Installer, see INFINST.TXT,  and see also the related topic in WIN95RK.HLP.  NOTE: Before you can use INF Installer, you must use  Server-based Setup to install the Windows 95 source files  in a shared network directory. For information about Server-based  Setup, see the related topic in WIN95RK.HLP.* Microsoft Project files for planning Windows 95 deployment.  Use this software to access a sample schedule file (DEPLOY.MPT)  that summarizes the steps described in the Windows 95  Resource Kit "Deployment Planning Guide."  If Microsoft Project is not already installed on your computer,  run the setup utility provided so that you can start  Microsoft Project and open this file. For instructions,  see DEPLOY.TXT in the PLAN folder.  Required files: CHCKLIST.DOC, DEPLOY.TXT, _MSSETUP.EXE, ACMSETUP.EX_  ACMSETUP.HL_, ADMIN.INF, DECOMP.EXE, DEPLOY.IN_, DEPLOY.INF,  DEPLOY.MP_,DEPLOY. STF, DEPLOY95.HL_, MSACAHBB,DL_, MSCPYDIS.DL_,  MSSETUP.DLL, SETUP.EXE, SETUP.INI, SETUP.LST* Sample setup scripts for Windows 95 for creating custom setup scripts  for Windows 95.  - AUTOMATE.INF defines everything required for automatic setup    except the user's name. It also installs Windows 95    Accessibility features, and can be used to customize    other aspects of Windows 95 Setup.  - DEFAULT.INF allows user input during Windows 95 Setup,    but proposes a series of alternate defaults.  - INIPREP.INF describes methods of removing and replacing    settings in INF files.  - MINBATCH.INF contains the minimum script required for    automatic installation when upgrading from earlier versions    of Windows.  - MSNET.INF contains a script for installing and configuring    components for Microsoft networking.  - NWNET.INF contains a script for installing and configuring    the Microsoft Client for NetWare Networks and related    networking components.  - REGIONAL.INF contains a script for configuring locale,    selected keyboard, and multilanguage preferences.  - USERPROF.INF contains a script for installing and configuring    user profiles, remote administration of the Registry, and    group policies.For more information about Windows 95 setup scripts,see the related topics in WIN95RK.HLP.Tools for Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting--------------------------------------------------* Adapter Card Setup Help (ADAPTER.HLP)for  configuring network, SCSI, and sound adapters.* Configuration Backup (CFGBACK.EXE and CFGBACK.HLP)  for backing up the Windows 95 Registry.  For more information about backing up the Registry,  see the related topic in WIN95RK.HLP.* Extended Print Troubleshooter (EPTS.EXE) for fixing printer  problems.  Required files: DXDLL.DLL, EPTS.EXE, PTS.BIN, PTS.HLP* Log Viewer (LOGVIEW.EXE) for viewing Windows 95 log files,  including BOOTLOG.TXT, DETLOG.TXT, NETLOG.TXT, SETUPLOG.TXT,  SCANDISK.LOG, and NDISLOG.TXT.  For more information about the Windows 95 log files,  see the related topics in WIN95RK.HLP.* Shortcut utility (SHORTCUT.EXE) for keeping track of Windows 95  shortcuts.  For more information, at the command prompt, type SHORTCUT /?* Sample policies for Windows 95 networks,  for creating and customizing policy files for managing  Windows 95 on client computers.  - MAXIMUM.POL contains suggested policies for maximum network    and desktop security.  - STANDARD.POL contains suggested policies for moderate network    and desktop security.  - SAMPL1.ADM shows definitions of all custom controls    that can be defined in .ADM files.For more information about system policies, see the related topicsin WIN95RK.HLP.* NOTE: The tools identified on the cover as "System Configuration Backup  Tools" are not available at this time.For Customizing Computers-------------------------* Change Code Page utility (CHANGECP.EXE)  for changing the code page used by MS-DOS-based programs.  For more information, see CHANGECP.TXT,  and see also the related topic in WIN95RK.HLP.  Required files: *.DAT, APP*.FON, CHANGECP.EXE, CP*.NLS,  DOSAPP.FON, EGA*.CPI, VGA*.FON, XLAT*.BIN* Quick Resolution Changer (QUICKRES.EXE) for changing the  visible screen area without restarting Windows.* Minitel TTF files (ARIALALS.TTF and ARIALALT.TTF) for  installing fonts needed to emulate Minitel with HyperTerminal.  Arial Alternative is the only font that contains the required  graphic characters.  To install the Arial Alternative font files,  use the Fonts icon in Control Panel.				
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Microsoft Windows 95

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