Windows 95 光碟片 extra.txt 檔案

重要:本文是以 Microsoft 機器翻譯軟體翻譯而成,而非使用人工翻譯而成。Microsoft 同時提供使用者人工翻譯及機器翻譯兩個版本的文章,讓使用者可以依其使用語言使用知識庫中的所有文章。但是,機器翻譯的文章可能不盡完美。這些文章中也可能出現拼字、語意或文法上的錯誤,就像外國人在使用本國語言時可能發生的錯誤。Microsoft 不為內容的翻譯錯誤或客戶對該內容的使用所產生的任何錯誤或損害負責。Microsoft也同時將不斷地就機器翻譯軟體進行更新。

這份文件包含此檔案到 Windows 資料夾的 Extra.txt 檔案從 Windows 95 光碟片安裝複本中資訊的副本。
-------------------------------------------------------------------Microsoft Windows 95 README for Online Access to Additional Files                             August 1995-------------------------------------------------------------------             (c) Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1995This document explains how to gain access to online services toreceive additional Windows 95 files. These include:   * Updates and drivers   * Files that come with the CD-ROM version of Windows 95 but not     on the floppy disk versionThe files are compressed and self-extracting. After you download theones you want, double-click each icon to extract the file(s) itcontains.------------------------How to Use This Document------------------------To view Extra.txt on screen in Notepad, maximize the Notepad window.To print Extra.txt, open it in Notepad or another word processor, andthen use the Print command on the File menu.--------CONTENTS--------The Microsoft Network (MSN)File Server (ftp)World Wide WebThe Microsoft Network (MSN)===========================To gain access to these files via MSN, you must have an MSNaccount. The files are available on the following path:   \Categories\Computers and software\Software\Microsoft\Windows 95Once you are in the Windows 95 forum, refer to the kiosk to locatethe Windows 95 files you want.Internet - File Server======================On the Internet, the additional files are available on the followingpath: Internet - World Wide Web==========================The additional files are available on the following path:				



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Microsoft Windows 95

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