WD2002: 的轉換 WordPerfect 5.x 文件的限制

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WordPerfect 5 Microsoft Word 2002 所隨附的 x 轉換可用來利用的功能和轉換功能在 Word 2002 中特別可用。為達最佳效果轉換與 Word 2002 使用 WordPerfect 5 x 轉換子的出貨與 Word 2002。

將檔案從 Word 格式轉換成 WordPerfect 格式及後一次可能導致遺失某些格式設定,(,例如字型、 對齊、 樣式及合併) 除非載入、 分頁 (,然後轉換之前,先儲存檔案中 WordPerfect 轉換回 Word。
下表列出的完全沒有轉換、 上一項產品或其他,不支援的或需要某些註解的功能。

   Yes   The feature is converted from one product to the other.   N/S   The feature is not supported in one of the products or not          completely converted from one product to the other. See the          Comment for more information.                      Word 2002       WordPerfect                         to            5.x to   Features       WordPerfect 5.x     Word 2002    Comments   ------------------------------------------------------------------------    All caps             Yes              N/S       All caps formatting                                                   becomes all capital                                                   letters.    Hidden               Yes              N/S       Hidden text in Word                                                   becomes WordPerfect                                                   comment text.    Strikethrough        Yes              Yes       WordPerfect strikeout                                                   becomes strikethrough                                                   formatting in Word and                                                   vice versa; WordPerfect                                                   redlining becomes                                                   tracked changes in Word                                                   and vice versa.    Underlining          Yes              Yes       Underlining format is                                                   preserved, but the type                                                   of underlining may be                                                   changed.    Spacing              N/S              N/S   (condensed,   expanded)    Kerning              Yes              Yes    Alignment            Yes              Yes       Centering codes may have                                                   to be individually                                                   repositioned in                                                   WordPerfect after                                                   conversion.    First-line           Yes              Yes       First-line indents are   Indents                                         created with tabs in                                                   WordPerfect    Page Break           Yes              N/S       Approximated with a page   Before                                          break in WordPerfect.    Space before         Yes              N/S       Approximated with blank   /after paragraphs                               lines in WordPerfect.    Tab leaders          Yes              Yes       From WordPerfect to                                                   Word, the dot, dash, and                                                   underscore tab leaders                                                   convert to the same in                                                   Word. All other                                                   WordPerfect tab leaders                                                   convert to dot leaders                                                   in Word.    Leading/baselines     N/S              N/S   Lines/baselines    [Center]/[Flsh Rgt]   N/S              Yes      From WordPerfect to   codes                                           Word, Center and Flush                                                   Right codes convert to                                                   center- and right-                                                   aligned tab stops.    Widow control         Yes             Yes    Margins               Yes             Yes       Word margins are                                                   measured from paper's                                                   edge to body text;                                                   WordPerfect margins are                                                   measured from the edge                                                   to the header. The                                                   conversion adjusts the                                                   margins as needed to                                                   preserve page layout.    Newspaper columns     Yes             Yes    Parallel columns      N/S             Yes       From WordPerfect to                                                   Word, parallel columns                                                   convert to tables. If a                                                   parallel column layout                                                   contains a page-anchored                                                   box, the entire parallel                                                   column layout is                                                   converted to newspaper                                                   columns.   Tables                Yes             Yes       Vertical merging of                                                   cells is not converted.    Table formulas        N/S             N/S   /math    Decimal table         N/S             Yes       From WordPerfect to   cell alignment                                  Word, decimal table                                                   cell alignment is                                                   converted to right                                                   paragraph alignment.    Default tab stops     N/S             Yes    Footnotes             Yes             Yes       Endnotes placed at the                                                   end of sections in Word                                                   are placed at the end of                                                   the document in                                                   WordPerfect because                                                   WordPerfect doesn't have                                                   sections. Restarted                                                   numbers and separators                                                   are not converted.                                                   Custom footnote marks                                                   in Word are added to                                                   automatic numbering in                                                   WordPerfect.    Gutter margins,       Yes             Yes   paper size    Comments              Yes             N/S       Word comments become                                                   WordPerfect comment                                                   text.    Outline, paragraph    Yes             Yes       WordPerfect paragraph   numbers, Word 7.0                               numbers convert to    Lists                                           Word sequence fields                                                    by default.                                                   In Word, automatically                                                   numbered lists convert                                                   to paragraph numbers.                                                   To convert WordPerfect                                                   paragraph numbers to                                                   plain text, set this                                                   option in the registry                                                   FavourSequenceFields=No                                                   using the                                                   EditConversionOptions                                                   macro.    Print merge commands  Yes             Yes       Word data source                                                   documents can be either                                                   tab- or comma-delimited                                                   or in table format to                                                   convert to WordPerfect.                                                   Word automatically                                                   converts WordPerfect                                                   secondary files to Word                                                   data source document                                                   format. Conditional                                                   print merge constructs                                                   and macros are lost when                                                   converting to Word.    Date/time stamps      Yes             Yes       Default formats only.    Subdocuments          Yes             Yes   (INCLUDE field)    Equations             N/S             No    Extended characters   Yes             Yes       From WordPerfect to                                                   Word, not all extended                                                   characters are                                                   converted.    Text boxes, lines     Yes             Yes       Some text boxes and                                                   lines convert to Word                                                   drawing layer objects.                                                   Drawing layer objects                                                   are visible only in page                                                   layout view, in print                                                   preview, and when                                                   printed. Drawing layer                                                   objects do not appear in                                                   normal view.    Line draw             Yes             Yes       WordPerfect line draw                                                   characters are                                                   converted; however, Word                                                   line spacing causes gaps                                                   to appear between line                                                   draw characters on                                                   successive lines. To                                                   correct this problem for                                                   printing, set line                                                   spacing to equal the                                                   current font point size.    Macros                N/S              No    PRIVATE field codes   N/S              Yes      From WordPerfect to                                                   Word, PRIVATE fields                                                   are inserted by the                                                   converter to preserve                                                   information needed to                                                   accurately save the file                                                   back to WordPerfect                                                   format. These fields                                                   should not be edited and                                                   have no effect on the                                                   document.    Styles                Yes               Yes     From WordPerfect to                                                    Word, styles containing                                                   paragraph formatting                                                   codes convert to                                                   paragraph styles.                                                   WordPerfect styles                                                   containing only                                                   character formatting                                                   convert to character                                                   styles in Word. Text                                                   contained in a style is                                                   converted as normal                                                   text. Other features,                                                   such as tables,                                                   graphics, and so on, are                                                   retained in documents                                                   but are not given Word                                                   styles.    Document Titles     See Comment    See Comment  WordPerfect can assign   \Descriptive                                    a Descriptive Name to a   Names                                           file; much like Word                                                   can assign a Title. Word                                                   imports the Descriptive                                                   Name into the document                                                   Title property and                                                   exports the document                                                   Title property into a                                                   Descriptive Name.				
如需有關轉換 WordPerfect 檔案的詳細資訊,按一下 [說明] 功能表上的 [Microsoft Word 說明],並在 「 Office 小幫手 」 或 「 解答精靈 」 中輸入 [Word 與 WordPerfect 之間轉換 再按一下 [搜尋] 以檢視主題。
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