OL2002:在 Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 1 中已修正的 Outlook 2002 問題

Microsoft 已經發行了 Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 1 (SP1)。 本文將告訴您已修正的 Microsoft Outlook 問題。

如需有關如何下載和安裝 Service Pack 1 的詳細資訊,請按一下下面的文件編號,檢視 Microsoft Knowledge Base 中的文件:
307843 OFFXP:綜覽 Office XP Service Pack 1

Office XP Service Pack 1 所修正的 Outlook 2002 問題

下列「Microsoft 知識庫」文件說明了更新程式修正的問題。 此外,本文也會摘要說明其他的修正問題。
254714 FIX: Sort Method May Sort Incorrectly with Recurring Appointments
289584 OL: Outlook Does Not Prompt to Send Update When You Select or Clear "Allow External Attendees" Check Box
290025 OL2002: Delay Occurs When You Open a Message in Outlook 2002 with Instant Messaging Enabled
293058 OL2002:Error Message:MAPI 無法載入資訊服務 PSTPRX.DLL
295407 OL2002: Outlook Incorrectly Signs Message with Archived Certificate
296384 OL: Outlook Clients in Internet Only Mode Do Not Send IMAP "LOGOUT" Command to End Server Session
297079 OL2002: E-mail Message in Japanese Plain Text Is Unreadable
297115 OL2002: The IMAP Password Is Not Retained in the Same Session
297821 OL2002: MAPI Breaks IExchangeExportChanges Interface
299374 OL2002: IMAP Logon Defaults the Focus to the 'User Name' Field
299485 OL2002: Excessive Network Traffic When Cancel Request Dialog Box Appears
299807 OL2002: IExchangeManageStore Interface Yields an Access Violation for Both the GetMailboxTable and the GetPublicFolderTable Methods
300550 OL2002: Overview of Outlook 2002 Update:June 21, 2001
300551 OL2002: Overview of the Outlook 2002 Public Update:October 4, 2001
301393 OL2002: Insufficient Rights to Browse the Directory on an LDAP Server
301414 OL2002: Outlook 2002 Blocks ASX File Attachments
301475 OL2002: User Is Prompted for Password That Is Already Saved
302366 OL2002: Outlook Today Displays the Incorrect Date for Tasks
302849 OL2002: Item Count Incorrect for Messages with Modified Permissions
303526 OL202: Cannot Export Only One Day from Calendar
303825 OL2002: Outlook 2002 更新程式 (2001 年 8 月 16 日) 的綜覽
303835 OL2002:The Outlook View Control Exposes Unsafe Functionality
303865 OL2002: Change Password Dialog Box Does Not Automatically List Name of Exchange Server
303975 OL2002: The Exchange Client Extension "IExchExtCallBack::SetRecipients" Call Does Not Update the User Interface
304008 OL2002:無法使用 POP3 帳戶和 SSL 來傳送 SMTP 郵件
304234 OL2002: Error Message When You Use a Signature Certificate in the Security Settings
304573 OL2002: Outlook Does Not Support the UPN Logon Method to a Windows 2000 Domain
304863 OL2002:個人資料夾或離線資料夾滿了之後,會停止將郵件傳送到收件匣
304956 OL2002: Directory Service Proxy Outages Cause Outlook 2002 Connectivity Issues
305090 OL2002: Message Is Delayed in Outbox When You Reply to a Message in a Team or Group Mailbox
305108 OL2002: Error Message When You Copy a File to a PST That Exceeds 1.82 GB
305112 OL2002: Error Message When You Try to Update Free/Busy Data
305316 OL2002: Outlook Displays a New Contact Name Incorrectly
305403 OL2002:Error Message: The Form You Have Selected...Cannot Be Displayed, Please Contact Your Administrator
305572 OL2002: You Cannot Receive New E-mail Notifications in Environments That Use the Network Address Translation
305637 OL: Bullets Change into Numbers When Outlook 2002 User Replies
305700 OL2002: Access Violation When You Import an .SC2 File with More Than 255 Attendees in One of the Appointments
305807 OL2002: A Japanese-Language Message in the Body of a Message May Be Unreadable in Outlook 2002
306772 OL2002: Personal Distribution Lists That Contain Hyphens Do Not Resolve Properly
307386 OL2002: Messages That You Send While You Are Working Offline Are Moved to the Sent Items Folder When You synchronize the Offline Folder
307472 OL2002: Recipients Cannot Read Messages When 168-Bit (3DES) Encryption Is Enabled
307592 OL2002: Fields Truncate When You Direct Book a Schedule+ 7.5 Resource
307594 OL2002: Users Can Read Nonsecure E-mail As Plain Text
307999 OL2002: VBA Events May Not Work After Print Preview
308004 OL2002: Command-Line Parameter -c form name Does Not Work with Turkish Regional Settings
308548 OL2002: "Operation Failed" Message When You Try to Attach a File, or the File Is Not Attached
309491 OL2002: Outlook 2002 Raises an Exception If Mso.dll Fails to Load
309526 OL2002: Outlook Stops Responding When You Add a Contact with No E-mail Address
310642 OL2002: How to the Disable Secondary Credentials Dialog Box
311823 OL2002: Running Outlook 2002 with the "/cleanfreebusy" Switch Resets the Resource Scheduling and Delegate Settings
312013 OFFXP: Outlook MAPI Message Store Cannot Handle Free Threaded Access
312834 OL2002: The "Level1Add" Registry Key Is Missing from Outlook 2002

Office XP SP1 修正的其他問題


按住滑鼠時,CPU 增加為 100%

如果在 Microsoft Windows 2000 或 Microsoft Windows XP 電腦的 Microsoft Outlook 2002 上按住滑鼠左鍵一段時間,CPU 使用率會增加為 100%。

無法匯入韓文的 Internet 郵件和地址

[檔案] 功能表上,如果按一下 [匯入和匯出 Internet 郵件及地址],然後按一下 [下一步],就不會出現「Outlook 匯入工具」。

計時器遺漏使得 Outlook 降低電腦效能

如果使用超過三天,Microsoft Outlook 可能會因為計時器遺漏而大大地降低電腦效能。


如果按一下 [回覆][轉寄] 時,游標正在拼錯的字中間,拼字檢查可能會將這個字分成兩個字。

阿拉伯文 Outlook 2002 遺失主旨標籤

在阿拉伯文 Outlook 2002 中開啟新的會議要求時,會遺失主旨標籤。

從 POP 帳號接收時會導致效能降低

當您從 POP 帳號下載新的電子郵件時,會因「個人資料夾」變大而導致效能降低。


如果設定 12:00 A.M. 之後啟動,但 Outlook 在那之前尚未閒置,則可能不會啟動該提醒,而且日期可能無法前進。

在封鎖清單中新增 .ops 檔案類型副檔名

依預設,會在封鎖的附件清單中新增 .ops 檔案類型副檔名。

Outlook 會將純文字密碼傳送至 LDAP 伺服器

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) 提供者使用簡單連結,所以 Outlook 傳送純文字密碼。

無法從預覽窗格使用 Tab 鍵跳回資料夾清單

預覽窗格開啟時,如果使用 TAB 鍵從「依交談檢視」移回「訊息」檢視,則會遺失焦點。



在封鎖清單中新增 .mdw 和 .mdt 檔案類型副檔名

依預設,會在封鎖的附件清單中新增 .mdw 和 .mdt 檔案類型副檔名。

西曆 (阿拉伯文) 不正確

在西曆 (阿拉伯文) 中,十月和十二月拼錯了。

系統設定為使用回曆時,日期和時間永遠為 12:00 A.M.

如果在「使用者地區設定」設為阿拉伯文 (沙烏地阿拉伯) 且 [行事曆] 設為回曆的 Windows 2000 上,選擇 [使用英文作為回覆及轉寄的郵件標題],則回覆或轉寄時郵件標題會將時間顯示為 12:00 A.M.。


Task "Microsoft Exchange Server - Sending" reported error (0x80040115): (工作 "Microsoft Exchange Server - 傳送中" 已報告錯誤 (0x80040115):)

如果 FIPSMode 在登錄中設定為 1,Outlook 可能停止運作

如果 FIPSMode 在系統登錄中設定為 1,則 Outlook 可能因為「存取違規」錯誤而停止運作。
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