Office XP Service Pack 3 修正的 Outlook 2002 問題

Microsoft 已發行 Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 3 (SP3)。本文將告訴您已修正的 Microsoft Outlook 2002 問題。
如需有關如何下載並安裝 Office XP SP3 的詳細資訊,請按一下下面的文件編號,檢視「Microsoft 知識庫」中的文件:
832671Overview of Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 3

Office XP SP3 修正的 Outlook 2002 問題

Office XP SP3 修正下列 Microsoft Hotfix Package 文件中說明的問題:
822614 Outlook 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package:July 1, 2003
823328 Outlook 2002 English post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package:July 3, 2003
823956 Outlook 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package:July 18, 2003
823968 Outlook 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package:July 27, 2003
823970 Availability of the Outlook 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package:August 10, 2003
825813 Availability of the Outlook 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package:August 15, 2003
827137 Availability of the Outlook 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package:August 22, 2003
827146 Outlook 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package:August 29, 2003
827970 Outlook 2002 Post-Service Pack 2 Hotfix 套件:2003 年 9 月 12 日
827979 Outlook 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package:September 19, 2003
829343 Outlook 2002 post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package:October 7, 2003
829344 Outlook 2002 French post-Service Pack 2 hotfix package:October 13, 2003
此更新修正了下列「Microsoft 知識庫」文件中所說明的問題:

290011 OL2002:You cannot edit a task in TaskPad in the Calendar view
321423 You cannot use the Outlook Object Module to set the SaveSentMessageFolder property for a mail item from a trusted COM add-in in Outlook 2002
321683 OL2002:You receive an Access Violation when you forward a meeting request to a user who has a delegate
322707 OL2002:Advanced find in Outlook 2002 returns incorrect data
323242 OL2002:The custom MAPI transport provider does not force Outlook to retrieve messages immediately
323612 OL2002:Error message:Microsoft LDAP Directory:Can't contact LDAP directory server (81)
323366 A new browser window does not appear when you click active content in a Web page that was received as an HTML e-mail message in Outlook 2002
324131 Subfolders are not imported when you import Netscape Communicator 4.x e-mail data
324273 Outlook 2002 stops responding with an access violation when you open a bad or a malformed task item
324315 The PSTDisconnectDelay registry setting does not affect how long the Auto-Compact utility runs for personal folder (.pst) files in Outlook 2002
324533 OL2002:New journal entry for contact creates two links to contact
324829 Outlook 2002 stops responding when you add an LDAP recipient to your Contacts
324918 OL2002:"The operation failed. An object could not be found" error message when you add an attachment to a recurring meeting
324932 You are prompted to save or to cancel when you close a custom form in Outlook 2002
324940 OL2002:You cannot reply to messages that are opened with the 'IMAPISession::PrepareForm' and the 'IMAPISession::ShowForm' methods
325200 Custom Outlook profile may be ignored if multiple Office XP products are installed
325219 Outlook 2002 marks an e-mail message that is marked as read in your Inbox as being unread after you forward or you reply to the e-mail message
325895 OL2002:Filtered views do not work with custom keyword fields
326257 Automatically wrap text at option may not work in Outlook 2002
326311 You cannot send encrypted e-mail messages to a contact while you are working offline
326347 OL2002:Journal entry for a contact includes the contact's title
327019 OL2002:Some of your e-mail recipients are undeliverable
327058 OL2002:The message body of the NDR is blank
327291 OL2002:You Receive an Error Message When You Try to Synchronize Your mailbox after it has been moved to a different Exchange Server
327295 OL2002:E-mail address moves to a different address field
327316 The search results are empty when you use "Ce mois" (this month) as a search filter in Advanced Find in the French version of Outlook 2002
327317 OL2002:Broken parser for Italy phone numbers in Outlook contacts
327547 OL2002:使用漫遊設定檔時無法穩定運作提醒功能
327563 OL2002:Outlook does not display the task names when you print calendars that have the tasks grouped by category in the Calendar view
327573 Line breaks are not inserted as expected in the text of an e-mail message in Outlook 2002
327594 OL2002:Toolbar buttons are not available when you switch between view controls on an Outlook home folder page
327595 OL2002:An extra signature is added when you insert an attachment programmatically
328005 OL2002:Error message occurs when you print calendar information to a Xerox document center printer
328281 OL2002:當您設定電子郵件設定檔使用 IMAP 伺服器,寄件備份資料夾無法擴展到「收件者」與「寄件者」方塊
328323 Outlook quits when you try to open a contact from the Contacts folder or from a public Contacts folder
329098 OL2002:Add-ins are disabled if a process first starts Outlook
329294 OL2002:使用 DoAging 登錄機碼之後,自動封存功能沒有停用
329295 OL2002:建立或設定 MAPI 設定檔的程式意外地中止執行程式
329305 Outlook 2002 郵件中的簽名圖片無法正常顯示
329430 OL2002:You receive an error message when you restart Outlook in Online mode if you marked items to be deleted in Offline mode
329431 OL2000:Changes to a forwarded message cause undesirable changes to the original message
329447 OL2002:Default print style is set to Memo when you print from an IMAP folder
329454 Outlook 2002 message format overrides Exchange server message format
329458 OL2002:Outlook appears to stop responding when you choose an LDAP server from the address book
329653 OL:Size of Autosaved Outlook messages that have embedded objects may double when Word is the default editor
329660 OL2002:You receive error messages when you try to open the DirX address book in Outlook
329691 The space between the first and the last name of the user name is removed when you set up an IMAP account in Outlook 2002
329966 OL2002:IMAP synchronization marks messages as unread after they are read in Offline mode
330073 OL2002:Location field not populated when scheduling resource account
330460 OL2002:Downloading messages in Outlook deletes messages on POP3 server although you specify 'Leave on Server'
330981 OL2002:Error message:The Exchange mailbox conferencing resource is not configured properly
330898 Outlook 2002 cannot log on to the IMAP server
331057 When Outlook calls GetIdsFromNames on IAttach, Outlook quits or you receive a "MAPI_NO_SUPPORT" error message
331483 OL2002:You cannot use the quick key search in a large shared Inbox folder
331788 OL2002:預覽窗格無法正常顯示某些自訂表單
331908 OL2002:The "IExchExtCommands::DoCommand" return is not handled
331938 OL2002:You cannot programmatically retrieve the contact information in a contact link if Outlook 2002 is not running
810194 OL2002:"File Not Found" error message when you use the Common dialog DLL to open multiple Outlook message files
810260 OL2002:The Address field layout changes after you install Office XP Service Pack 1 (SP-1)
811296 OL2002:Outlook stops responding in the Mso.dll file when you open a message that is archived with third-party software
810364 A rule in Outlook may cause Outlook 2002 to stop responding
811472 OL2002:You are prompted to choose a profile when you send a link by e-mail in Internet Explorer
811950 OL2002:Transport provider is not notified if configuration changes when the provider is subscribed to the nkConfigHasChanged event
812478 OL2002:AlwaysSign or AlwaysEncrypt policy is not enforced on replied or forwarded messages
812480 OL2002:Outlook View Control returns only the current date
812790 OL2002:The prefix of the original message is missing in replied to or forwarded plain text message
813506 OL2002:"The value for appointment busy status is not valid" error message when you try to open an appointment
813565 OL2002:The "Duplicate Contact Detected" dialog box is not displayed when you save a contact that already exists to the Contacts folder
813949 OL2002:Remote mail downloads headers for deleted messages
814134 OL2002:QueryIdentity property may return MAPI_W_NO_SERVICE message
814377 OL2002:開啟郵件時,出現「無法開啟這個項目。郵件標題上的操作無法在此資料夾中執行。」錯誤訊息
814554 OL2002:"Set ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolder<FolderName>)" does not work as expected in the FolderSwitch event
814556 OL2002:Error message:Microsoft Outlook could not access the specified folder location
814563 OL2002:將捷徑新增到 Windows NT 4.0 電腦時發生執行階段錯誤
814758 OL2002:Typing Czech characters in your Offline address book locates the wrong contact
814993 OL2002:設定 Outlook 離線使用時會下載離線通訊錄
815355 OL2002:The Free/Busy bar incorrectly displays busy for the whole day
815482 OL2002:The address book column widths are reset to the default settings
815924 OL2002:Names do not appear in the "Search Results" box when you search for names that have double byte character set characters in a LDAP address book
816020 OL2002:A calendar that you save as a Web page shows no appointments on the last day
816140 Info bar not updated when delegate accepts an exception to recurring meeting request
816477 OL2002:無法使用 Extended MAPI 傳送純文字郵件
817030 OL2002:Public folder home page not available offline with no network connection
817073 OL2002:Outlook rule based on LDAP entry does not fire
817270 OL2002:Outlook phone dialer dials a zero before dialing an internal phone number
815626 OL2002:Spanish:Recurrent appointment start time changes from A.M. to P.M.
817325 OL2002:File As format changes to first name and last name
817420 OL2002:Error message:"Resource has declined your meeting because it is recurring"
817302 OL2000:Voting buttons are missing from e-mail messages that are opened on a DMS e-mail system
817422 OL2002:"Always Ask Before Opening This Type of File" check box not available
818500 OL2002:Contacts that are added from the Global Address List do not include the Business 2 field
818250 OL2002:Outlook contact local number includes City/Area Code when the phone number is configured for Austria
818581 OL2002:Programmatically inserted attachment has blank icon and no caption
818900 OL2002:File path does not convert to UNC when inserted as a hyperlink
819103 OL2002:Keyboard language changes to a different language when you start Microsoft Outlook
819538 OL2002:E-mail messages that you send are lost if you pasted the address from a received e-mail message
819969 OL2002:The wrong name becomes the focus in the list of e-mail messages when you type a DBCS for the first character of the sender's display name
819971 OL2002:Incorrect e-mail address in To box
820029 OL2002:錯誤訊息:「Microsoft Office Outlook 要加密這個郵件時出現問題...」 "
820367 OL2002:當嘗試回覆的電子郵件是使用 [預設郵件回覆收件者] 選項來傳送時,Mso.dll 檔中出現錯誤訊息
820368 OL2002:The incorrect date and time appears for read receipts
820722 OL2002:規則精靈中的規則顯示為關閉
820733 OL2002:Programmatically inserted attachment has bank icon and no text
821188 OL2002:Error message "...The server is not available..." when you work offline
821291 OL2002:"The document entered into the Office document field is not associated with an Office Application..." Error Message When You Attach a Microsoft Office document to your online meeting request
821468 OL2002:Cannot set a filter when you programmatically create a Calendar View
821667 OL2002:You cannot use the Outlook Databinding control to view another user's Outlook folder
821804 OL2002:當您檢視其他使用者的信箱資料夾時出現重複的工作資料夾
822115 OL2002:Items in Sent Items folder may show as sent when the items were not delivered
822558 Custom form action causes Outlook to quit unexpectedly
822846 OL2002:The attendee status is reset after you add a new attendee to a recurring meeting
823232 OL2002:The To box is automatically populated with recipients when you forward a meeting request
824212 OL2002:Change made to accepted recurring meeting is not saved
827349 OL2002:使用 POP3 電子郵件帳戶收發電子郵件時,收到 0x8004210A、0x800CCC0B 和 0x8004210B 錯誤訊息
321174 You receive duplicate e-mail messages when you click Send/Receive in Outlook 2002
321419 A custom MAPI transport program may not function as expected with Outlook 2002
324830 Error message when you try to reply to an encrypted e-mail message
324856 An accepted meeting request does not appear in the calendar of your Exchange Server mailbox in Outlook 2002
328178 You cannot open an e-mail message that uses a custom form in Outlook 2002
810488 An HTML-formatted e-mail message is not received by a recipient that uses a different e-mail protocol when it is sent in Outlook 2002

Office XP SP3 修正的其他問題

此外,Office XP SP3 也修正本節中的問題。


Outlook 2002 行事曆,顯示韓文和日文農曆年開始日期為 2006 年 1 月 28 日以及 2016 年 2 月 8 日,這是錯誤的。正確的農曆年開始日期為 2006 年 1 月 1 日和 2016 年 2 月 9 日。


當您在 Outlook 2002 中建立新的行事曆約會時,另一個約會所使用的最後一個位置,並未出現在「位置」清單方塊的最近使用清單中。

Outlook 2002 從 POP 郵件伺服器重複下載電子郵件訊息

當您檢查新郵件,或讓 Outlook 2002 自動檢查 POP 郵件伺服器上的新郵件時,Outlook 可能會從 POP 郵件伺服器上下載好幾次相同的郵件。即使您已經按一下以清除 [將郵件留在伺服器上] 核取方塊,卻仍然會發生此問題。


當 Outlook 嘗試更新您在 Outlook 行事曆發佈的空閒/忙碌資訊時,可能會收到下列錯誤訊息:
注意 當網路有問題時,在某些罕見的情況下可能會發生此徵狀。

當您在 Outlook 的電子郵件訊息中新增自訂使用者內容時,Word 不是電子郵件的編輯器

如果您在 Microsoft Outlook 2002 的電子郵件訊息中新增自訂使用者內容,當嘗試轉寄或回覆修改的電子郵件訊息時,Microsoft Word 便不再是預設的電子郵件編輯器。

注意 在 Rich Text Format (RTF) 和 HTML 格式的電子郵件訊息中都會發生此問題。

當嘗試檢視 Hotmail 網頁時,收到指令碼錯誤訊息

當嘗試使用 Microsoft Internet Explorer 檢視 Hotmail 網頁時,可能會收到下列錯誤訊息:
Internet Explorer 指令碼錯誤

Outlook 2002 並未提示您傳送已刪除電子郵件的回條

當您清空「刪除的郵件」資料夾時,任何有「已讀取」回條的 POP 電子郵件帳戶訊息,會在並未提示您核准傳送回條的情況下,傳送「尚未讀取」的回條。如果您按一下以清除 [從 [刪除的郵件] 資料夾刪除後,就從伺服器刪除] 核取方塊,就不會發生此問題。

從安全性表單存取 Exchange 使用者帳戶時,仍然出現 Outlook 安全性對話方塊提示

如果您使用會自動核准存取 Exchange 帳戶的 Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) 表單,當您嘗試存取使用者帳戶時,仍然會出現核准帳戶存取的提示。

如果您移除郵件上的 Nortel 加密,郵件會變成空白

當個人資料夾 (.pst) 檔案中的郵件,使用 Nortel 憑證進行加密和簽章,然後您移除加密但是保留郵件的簽章時,郵件的內文會變成空白的。


當您在 IMAP 伺服器上將郵件從一個資料夾拖曳至另一個時,可能會收到下列錯誤訊息:
「伺服器收到 IMAP 命令錯誤。」

當嘗試開啟 Outlook 2002 檔案時,收到「無法啟動 Microsoft Outlook」錯誤訊息

當您嘗試在 Microsoft Windows XP 電腦上開啟 Outlook 2002 檔案時,可能會收到下列錯誤訊息:
Microsoft Outlook
無法啟動 Microsoft Outlook。

Outlook 2002 在未先提示您的情況下傳送「已讀取」回條

當您收到要求傳送「已讀取」回條的新郵件時,Outlook 2002 在未先提示您的情況下傳送「已讀取」回條。如果您選取 電子郵件選項設定的 [當新郵件送達時,顯示通知訊息],就會發生此問題。

當您在建立一個嘗試設定 ContactItem 物件之 AssistantTelephoneNumber 內容的應用程式時,收到執行階段錯誤訊息 1406

當您在建立一個嘗試設定 ContactItem 物件之 AssistantTelephoneNumber 內容的應用程式時,可能會收到下列執行階段錯誤訊息:

傳送重複的參數至 Outlook.exe

您可以傳送重複的命令列參數至 Outlook.exe。



收到 Outlook 2002 的錯誤訊息

您收到下列 Outlook 2002 錯誤訊息:
Microsoft Outlook 發生問題,必須關閉,謹此致歉)。
security_patch security_update update security bug context flaw vulnerability malicious attacker exploit registry unauthenticated specially-formed scope specially-crafted affected hangs crashes freezes OL2002 OL2k2

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Microsoft Outlook 2002 Standard Edition

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