Why do I need to go to a web page to add email?

On Windows Phone 8.1, some accounts, including Google and Outlook.com, ask you to connect to a web page to set up your account on your phone. This lets us connect your mail, contacts, and calendars in a more secure and manageable way, without storing your password on the phone. In fact, the only time we use your password is to connect to your provider, who then gives us permission to add your information on your phone.

If you want to change the settings for an account that uses this kind of security, you can go to the website for your provider. There, you can decide which apps can access your information.

We don't recommend it, but if you'd prefer to sign in without using this kind of connection, you can do so by going to Email + accounts, tap Add an account > Advanced, and then enter the settings manually. But that approach is less secure.


Article ID: 10627 - Last Review: 17 May 2016 - Revision: 18