Send feedback to Microsoft with the Feedback Hub app

Applies to: Windows 10

The Feedback Hub app lets you tell Microsoft about any problems you run in to while using Windows 10 and send suggestions to help us improve your Windows experience.

Sending a suggestion or reporting a problem can be as easy as finding feedback similar to yours and upvoting it. However, if there isn’t feedback like yours, then go ahead and create some new feedback for us. You can even attach some screenshots or recreate a problem to help us see what you’re experiencing.


When you open the Feedback Hub app, you’ll see the Home page. Here’s what you’ll find there:

  • The All feedback view showing feedback from other customers and the My Feedback view to see feedback you’ve created or upvoted.
  • A search box, with the default text Give us feedback to make Windows better. This is where you enter text to search existing feedback.
  • The  Add New Feedback button, which you use after you’ve searched for feedback like yours.
  • The following options for displaying feedback on the Home page:
    • Sort. Arrange feedback by number of upvotes, most recent, or top trending.
    • Filter. Display only problems or suggestions.
    • Device. Display feedback for PC, mobile, or HoloLens.
    • Category. Display feedback for a specific category, such as Cortana and Search, Apps and Games, or Calling and Messaging.
  • Intro to collections. You may find your individual feedback merged into a collection of similar feedback.
  • The Upvote option next to feedback entries so you can add your voice without needing to file duplicate feedback.


Find existing feedback to upvote

  1. Select the Start  button, and then open Feedback Hub .
  2. In the search box at the top of the home page, type your problem or suggestion and then select the search  icon at the far right of the search box.
  3. In the search results, look for feedback similar to yours. The more specific your search query, the better chance you’ll have of displaying feedback like yours.
    • If you find similar feedback, select Upvote.
    • If you don’t find any feedback or a good match to yours then add your own!

Add new feedback

Feedback details

  1. Select  Add new feedback next to the search bar.
  2. Tell us whether you’re sending a problem or suggestion.
  3. In the Summarize your issue box, provide a concise but clear title for your problem or suggestion.
  4. In the Give us more detail (optional) box, you can give us more specific information, like how you encountered the problem.
  5. Select a category that corresponds to your feedback. For example, if your printer stopped working, you’d select Hardware, Devices, and Drivers.
  6. Select a subcategory—like Print for problems with printing.
  7. (Optional) Step through the problem while capturing the steps so we can see what happened.
    1. Select Recreate the problem (recommended).
    2. Select the type of problem you’re having, and select Start capture.
    3. Do the steps that led to the problem.
    4. When you’ve completed the steps, select Stop capture.
  8. (Optional) Send a screenshot to help show the problem.
    1. Go to where the problem happened, press the Windows logo key + Print screen to take a picture of your screen.
    2. Select Attach a screenshot, go to the Pictures/Screenshots folder, select the screenshot you want to send, and then press Enter.
  9. When you’re satisfied with your feedback, select Submit.