Surface Headphones update history

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To keep your Surface Headphones performing their best, make sure that you have the latest firmware updates.

How to get the update

Surface updates need to be download and then can be installed using an application, see Update Surface Headphones for more info about how to update your Surface Headphones.

Improvements and fixes in the update

August 2019 Updates 

August 13 release 

The following updates are available for all Surface Headphones: 

Firmware version Update info
  • Added new device controls to turn the following settings on or off: “Hey Cortana”, touch controls, and voice prompts. For more info, see Manage Surface Headphone settings.


March 2019 Updates 

March 20 release 

The following updates are available for all Surface Headphones: 

Firmware version Update info
  • Audio quality and stability improvements.
  • Ability to manage connectivity to 8 paired devices in both the Cortana app (United States only) and the Surface Headphones app on Windows 10 (outside of the United States).
  • Ability to use the Volume and Noise Cancellation dials when both the 3.5mm audio and USB cable are plugged in.
  • Music from Spotify resumes playing on your headphones after you hang up from a call from another device.
  • Improves the use of “Hey Cortana” with multiple devices where Cortana may have indicated that it could not connect.


Known issues and additional information about Surface Headphones

Quality is a top priority, and we want to keep you informed about issues impacting customers. The following are known issues:

Symptom Work around

For Surface Headphones connected to iOS devices only

When applying this firmware update using the Cortana App (United States only) while connected to your iOS device, the update may appear to stop responding.

When you apply this update on your iOS device using the Cortana App, it is normal that it may take up to 45 minutes or more to complete the install. If the update is taking longer than that, use the workaround to try and resolve this issue.

Close the Cortana App and restart the update.

Alternatively, to reduce the update and install time to a few minutes, use the USB cable with a Windows 10 device when you apply this firmware update

For Surface Headphones connected to iOS, Android, or Windows 10 devices 

If you receive a phone call while the headphones aren't on your head, the headphones are muted when you place them on your head. 

Press the mute button on the right earcup to turn off mute.