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When using a credit or debit card you've saved in Wallet in Edge, you may see the option to secure your purchase with a "virtual card." Each transaction you make with a virtual card will have a different set of single-use card details (such as your card's security code) generated to better protect you online. The merchant never sees your physical card's number, keeping it more secure if they ever have a data breach. 

This feature is currently available for eligible cards in the United States only.

About virtual cards

Virtual cards are a safer way to pay online. When you use a virtual card to make an online purchase, Wallet replaces your physical card number with a unique virtual card number. When you check out, the virtual number hides your personal payment details from the merchant. You can also check out faster with Wallet auto-filling your payment information. This is secured with Windows Hello, if configured.

Tip: The virtual card number, expiration date, and CVC may be different from your physical card. For added security, your CVC number will change for each transaction.

How to turn on and use a virtual card

Important: Store your payment card with Wallet and select Sync across devices > Save to Microsoft account. If your card is eligible for virtual card (as determined by your bank), you will see the option to enable virtual card during your next checkout.

Turn on a virtual card when you check out

When you make a purchase online with Edge, you may see the option of enabling the virtual card. Your bank may require you to provide additional information when turning it on.

Make a purchase with your virtual card

You can use your virtual card when you shop online. When you check out on a website:

  1. Choose to pay with a debit or credit card.

  2. In the payment selection flyout, cards which are eligible for virtual card use will have the “Use virtual card” option presented. Enable this option to use the virtual card for this purchase.

  3. Your bank may require you to input a verification code to proceed.

  4. Check out as usual.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions about using virtual card numbers. Select any question, and it will open to reveal more information:

You can disable the use of the virtual card in the payment selection flyout or within the Wallet page in Edge.

You can view your virtual card number, as well as your history of virtual cards, within Wallet.

Microsoft does not charge a monetary fee to use a virtual card. However, you’re still subject to any fees or charges that your bank would impose on the transaction as if you had used your regular card.

You will be attributed a unique card number and each online transaction will have a one-time-use CVC generated for it.

No, Wallet will enter it for you automatically.

No, the virtual card number replaces your physical card number, but is used the same way. Your credit line, balance, fees, and transaction info stay the same.

Questions about charges, disputes, or unauthorized transactions can be directed to your credit card issuer, just as if you had used your regular credit card to make the transaction.

You can complete returns just as you would with your regular credit card. When the merchant refunds you, this will appear on the account linked to the debit or credit card linked to the virtual card.

If you need to identify which physical card is associated with your virtual card number on your receipt, you can view current and previous virtual card numbers in Wallet.

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