I want to specify how much of my organization to display on each page

Click this option if your chart will span multiple pages, and you want to decide exactly which data will appear on each page. When you click Next, a new wizard page appears on which you can change defined pages, add new pages, or remove pages.

I want the wizard to automatically break my organization chart across pages

Click this option if you want the wizard to determine how much of the organization appears on each page.

Name at top of page

If you choose to have the wizard determine how much of the organization appears on each page, you can specify the name you want to appear at the top level of your chart from the list that appears here.

Hyperlink employee shapes across pages

When selected, adds hyperlinks between shapes that represent the same employee that appear on more than one page of your organization chart.

Synchronize employee shapes across pages

When selected, changes you make to a shape's text and data will automatically be applied to any copies of that shape that appear on other pages.

Note: Changes you make to text and data apply to all synchronized copies of shapes on other pages. However, changes such as adding, deleting, or moving a synchronized shape do not apply to all synchronized shapes, only to that shape.

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