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Contact support is a new way to reach your support agent right within Outlook for Mac.

  1. To report issues, report bugs or provide feedback, go to Help > Contact Support.

    Shows help menu with contact support option

  2. Enter your Name, Email, issue that you are experiencing and select Send.

    Shows in-app support form

And when you get a message from support, you will be notified through the OSX notification center, and a notification message will be displayed on the status bar.

I tried to Contact Support but nothing happened. 

If this happens, try resetting your Apple Keychain. Here's how:

1. Close Outlook and other Office apps you have open (like Word, PowerPoint, or Excel).

2. Press Command + Space (or press the Spotlight icon on the menu bar), and search for "Keychain Access" in Spotlight, and select it from the list of results.

3. After the Keychain Access opens, select File on the menu bar, and then select Lock All Keychains. Enter your password if you're prompted to do so.

4. Then select File again, and select Unlock Keychain “login.”

After you do this, your Apple Keychain will allow credentials to be stored, and you should be able to contact Support.

I don't see Contact Support. Why?

To use the Contact Support feature, you have to be on Outlook for Mac version 15.34 (170515) and later.

If you've disabled connected experiences in your Office privacy options, you won't see Contact Support in Outlook. Follow these steps to check if this is the case and to manage connected services: Open Outlook, and select Outlook on the Dock. Select Preferences and then select Privacy. This will open Account Privacy where you can manage your privacy options. For more information, see Overview of optional connected experiences in Office.

Due to limitations on the handling and transfer of support data, we are not able to provide in-app support to Microsoft 365 tenants in certain countries and regulatory agencies. Please check with your Microsoft 365 admin to see if you're eligible to use Contact Support.

If you want to turn off this support option from Outlook for Mac, you can Disable

contact support.

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