Sometimes, you want to use a query as a starting point for another query in your database.

  1. Right-click the query in the Navigation Pane, and click Copy.

  2. Paste it into the Navigation Pane.

When you do this, Access will prompt you for a new name for the query.

You can also copy a query from one Access database to another.

  1. Open the "target" database in Access.

  2. Start a new "instance" of Access by clicking the Access icon on the Windows Start menu or from a shortcut.

  3. Select the query in the Navigation Pane in the first database and drag it to the other Access window.

Want to copy a table, form, report, or other object? You can do the same thing; just drag and drop.

Note: Starting Access again means your computer is running Access in two places at once (two "instances"), which lets you have two databases open at the same time — notice that if you have only one instance of Access running, the current database closes when you open another database.

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