When publishing a task list, you can either manually select teams from your organization's hierarchy or you can upload a custom list of teams using an Excel file. Uploading a custom list allows you to reach a set of teams that may not represent an exact branch of the hierarchy or correspond to existing attribute filters, especially when this list of recipient teams may not be needed for a long period of time. 

To create a custom list Excel file

  1. Create an Excel file.

  2. Decide which teams to include in your custom list. You can publish to:

    • Any eligible recipient of the team you are publishing from.

    • Any team that you could select in the hierarchy when publishing from that same team.

    You won’t be able to publish to teams that are not in your organization’s hierarchy or that do not report up to the team you’re publishing from.

  3. Enter DisplayNames or Alias values in each row of column A, starting in row 1. Don't leave any empty rows between DisplayName or Alias values.

    These values should match the DisplayName or Alias values from your organization’s hierarchy. If you don’t know the values, the easiest way to get them is to open a Draft task list, select Publish, choose to select teams from the hierarchy, and review the DisplayName values shown in the hierarchy selection experience. You can then use those values in your custom list of recipient teams.

    Note: It's okay to mix DisplayName values and Alias values in the same Excel file; the Tasks app will recognize the recipient team by either value.

  4. Save the Excel file.

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