Transcript and captions uploaded to Stream videos should be formatted as WebVTT files. To create a Transcript and captions file following WebVTT format:

  1. Open a text editor or a captions and subtitle editor of your choice

  2. Create a new file

  3. On the first line of text, type: WEBVTT

  4. On the next line, type time markers (beginning time and end time, separated by an "arrow" -->). Valid formats for time markers include:

    1. hh:mm:ss.ttt

    2. hhhh:mm:ss.ttt

    3. mm:ss.ttt

      hh or hhhh = hours, mm = minutes, ss = seconds, and ttt = thousandths of a second

  5. On the next lines, type the text that should appear onscreen during the segment of time specified by the time markers. Limit text to a maximum of two lines.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:05.330 
Good day everyone, my name
is June Doe. 

00:00:07.608 --> 00:00:15.290 
This video teaches you how to 
build a sandcastle on any beach. 

NOTE: Additional fields, such as notes, comments, styles, aren't supported and will be removed from the file when it's uploaded.  

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