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Microsoft Teams displays are dedicated Teams devices with an ambient touchscreen and a hands-free mode using Cortana.

All your Teams activity and notices—including chat and channel messages, meetings, and calls—are visible at a glance, without switching away from your primary work screens. And your Teams collaboration options are always available, unless you lock your display or sign out.

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Sign in

See what's happening

Make calls

Check your schedule

Participate in meetings

Chat with coworkers

Sync with your teams

Hey Cortana

Change the look

Lock the display

Connect your Teams display to Teams Windows desktop

Sign in

You can sign in on Teams display, or select Sign in from another device to use your computer or phone.

screen

See what's happening

You'll get the latest info on your calls, upcoming meetings, chats, channel activity, and more.

Join a meeting with a single click, or select an option on the left to listen to voicemail, view your calendar, join a chat, or otherwise connect with teammates.

home screen

Make calls

Select Calls to access your speed dial contacts, call history, and voicemail. Or use the dial pad to make phone calls.

Speed dial screen

Check your schedule

Select Calendar to view the day's meetings. Select a meeting to view more details.

Calendar screen

Participate in meetings

Join a meeting from your calendar or a notification. Interact with your teammates using the device's high fidelity audio and video. 

Tip: To join and participate in meetings on both your Teams display and your computer at the same time, connect the devices. For details, see Connect your Teams display to Teams Windows desktop, below.

Chat with coworkers

Select Chat to view and respond to messages. 

Chat screen

Reply to messages using the built-in Teams display keyboard.

Tip: To compose messages on your computer keyboard instead, connect the devices. For details, see Connect your Teams display to Teams Windows desktop, below.

If Cortana is enabled, begin a quick message by saying "Cortana, chat with X."

Sync with your teams

Select Teams to view the activity and messages in your team channels. Respond with the built-in display keyboard.

Teams screen

Hey Cortana

If your IT admin enabled Cortana, a microphone and "Hey Cortana" will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Microphone and "Hey Cortana"

If you don't see the microphone, find out if Cortana is available. If it is, activate it.

Note: Cortana voice assistance is currently supported on Teams displays only for users in the United States.

Activate Cortana

  1. Select your image at the top left of the screen and then select Settings.

  2. Select Cortana and choose your options on the right side of the screen.

    a. Select Cortana.

    b. To be able to start Cortana with your voice instead of selecting Cortana mic icon, select Hey Cortana.

    c. Select either Voice 1 (a female voice) or Voice 2 (a male voice).

    Cortana options

Use Cortana

  1. To begin, either select  Cortana mic icon  or say "Cortana" or "Hey Cortana".

  2. Tell Cortana what to do. You can say things like:

  • Go home.

  • Go to Calls.

  • Call Adrian King.

  • Add Ajay to the call.

  • Send a message to Tom.

  • Join my meeting.

For more information, see Using Cortana voice assistance in Teams.

Change the look

Switch wallpapers to give your Teams display a new look.

  1. Select your image at the top left of the screen and then select Settings.

  2. Select Wallpapers and make your choice.

    Wallpapers options

Lock the display

To protect confidential info when you'll be away or with a visitor, lock the display. There are two ways to do this.

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen.


  • Select your image and then select Lock.

To unlock your display, swipe down from the top and enter your PIN.

Connect your Teams display to Teams Windows desktop

Connect your display to your Windows computer to enable cross-device interaction. Your Teams display will conveniently lock and unlock when the computer is locked and unlocked.  

You'll also be able to join and participate in meetings on both the computer and display at the same time, as well as respond to chat messages that you read on the display by using the computer keyboard.

Note: Mac, Linux, web, mobile, and 32-bit/ARM-based Teams clients are not currently supported.

Before you begin

  • The computer must be running 64-bit Teams desktop client version or later.

  • The computer must be Bluetooth enabled.

  • The Teams display must be placed near the computer.

Connect the devices

  1. Sign in to the computer and the display as the same user.

  2. On the display, select your picture and then select Connect a device.

    Connect a device

  3. Select Find a device.

  4. When the display locates the computer, select Connect.

  5. On the computer, select Connect.

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