With Natural Language in search, you simply type the way you would ask a question/statement, no fancy syntax needed. We take the guess work out of choosing the right words and understand your intents expressed naturally.

Using Natural Language search

  1. Select the Search box at the top of Outlook, and use your own naturally formed queries when you search in Outlook. Some examples you could try:


    Example Queries

    Find mail from someone

    From John

    Find email where someone is either on the To or CC list  

    To John

    Find emails from someone  to someone

    From John to Mary

    Find email sent within a specific date range  

    From John last weekend

    From John last month

    Emails from previous week

    From John on Monday

    From John in June

    From John between 8/5 and 8/15

    From Mary after June and before July

    Find email from/to someone with attachment  

    From John with ppt

    Excel shared by Mary

    To John with attachment

    Attachment from Debra last week 

    Find emails from someone about a keyword 

    Emails from John about planning 

    Find emails with attachments

    Emails with attachments

    Find unread emails

    Unread emails

  2. When you're done with the search, select Exit Search  Exit Search icon. in the Search box or choose any folder in the navigation pane to exit the search.

    Exit from the search bar.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to enable Search using natural language in Mac Outlook?

There is nothing you need to do to enable search in Outlook using natural language.  This capability requires an Office 365, Exchange Online, or Outlook.com account and the device settings for Language and Region set to English in the United State respectively.

What if you’re not connected or online, which features require an active connection to generate relevant results?

Natural Language search does require a network connection. If a network connection is not available, for example when in airplane mode, the search results will be limited to what is available locally on the device.

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