Report abuse in OneDrive

If you've received a link to an offensive or illegal file or folder stored in OneDrive, you can report it for us to review.

If you're part of an organization that has its own procedures for reporting abuse, please follow your organization's procedures or start by contacting your Office 365 administrator.

  1. On the OneDrive website, sign in with your Microsoft account, and then check your Shared view.

    If you don't want to sign in or you want to report the file anonymously, use the anonymous Report Abuse form.

  2. Right-click the offensive or illegal file and select Report abuse.

    Screenshot of how to report abuse in OneDrive

  3. Select the reason you're reporting the content, such as Harassment or threatening, type any details you want to share in the comment box, and then select Report abuse.

    Screenshot of the Report abuse dialog box in OneDrive

Note: If the offensive content was posted on a work or school account associated with a paid Office 365 subscription, you will be directed to contact the organization responsible for the content directly.

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