Whether collaborating through Teams or on the web, you may want to share information from a workbook. You can share the entire workbook, but often it’s safer, faster, and more efficient to share just a section of the workbook for viewing or editing. You can easily share with others a link to a specific range, table, or chart. First you create a link to the shared section of a workbook. Then you send or make available the link to recipients. Finally, recipients can simultaneously view or edit the workbook section.  

The Send Link dialog box

  1. Open the workbook in Excel for the web.

  2. Select the range, table, or chart.

  3. Right click the selection, and then select Copy Link to this Range, Table, or Chart. The Copy Link dialog box appears.

    The Copy Link dialog box

  4. Select People in your organization with the link can edit. In the Link settings dialog box, you can specify: Anyone with the link, People in Microsoft with the link, or People with existing access. You can also specify whether recipients have Edit or View permission.

  5. Select Apply.

  6. Select Copy.


The link is now in the Office Clipboard. For more information, see Copy and paste using the Office Clipboard.

Once the shared workbook section link is created, recipients can use it in the following common ways:


  1. When a recipient receives the shared link in email, they can select it. They can also copy and paste the link into the browser address bar.

  2. The workbook opens in Excel for the web. The range, table, or chart is highlighted with a border for easy identification.


  1. Open or switch to Teams.

  2. Typically, the copied link is shared in the teams chat with one or more recipients. The link can also be posted in a channel in Teams.

    For more information, see Start a chat in Teams and Send a message to a channel in Teams.

  3. To open the workbook, recipients select the link from the chat or the channel. The shared range, table, or chart is displayed and highlighted with a border for easy identification.

    Tip    Right click the workbook section to see additional commands including Edit in Teams, Open in Desktop App, Open in Browser, Download, and Copy Link.

    The right click menu for a shared selection

Note    Opening the workbook by using Excel on the desktop or by downloading the workbook removes the highlight from the range, table, or chart.

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