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Social learning

Research shows that 80% of workforce learning occurs through interactions with others. The Viva Learning (Preview) app makes it easier for you to find and share learning content with team members and other coworkers. Find and share learning content in a 1:1 or group chat or in a channel posts message. Or, for wider knowledge share, pin learning content in the tab.

First Run Experience

See how to start using the Viva Learning (Preview) app and learn about key features by watching the tour that launches when you open the app the first time.

  • Select Show me around to view the tour.

  • Select Maybe later to skip the tour.

    Select Show me around to start the tour

  • Select < or > to navigate through the coachmark screens.

    Select < to go back and > to go next

  • Select ... then Show me around to access the tour at any time.

    Select ... then Restart the tour from the drop-down menu

You'll see coachmarks like the one below each time you visit a learning app page the first time. This will help you learn about different features to get the most value out of the Viva Learning (Preview) app.

Coachmarks appear the fist time you visit to give you tips to get the most value out of Viva Learning

Share learning in a chat or channel

Use the compose extension to search for and share learning content in a chat or channel.

To find learning, type what you're looking for in the Search bar

  1. Below Type a new message, select the Learning icon or select More options... to find it.

  2. Search for the learning content.

  3. Select the learning content.

  4. Add the optional message description or @mention people to provide some context.

  5. Once it's ready to go, select Send.

Use the Learning tab

The Learning tab lets you find, curate, and pin content selected from all the learning resources available through your company’s learning catalog. This allows you to organize specific content that’s relevant to your team or project in a channel or chat. 

Create a Learning tab

  1. Select Add a tab+ next to your existing tabs in a channel or chat and select Learning from the tab gallery.

    Select the plus sign to add a new learning tab

  2. Type a Tab name.

    Type a name for the tab

  3. Search and select learning content. You can select multiple items and perform multiple searches.

    Under Find courses, type what you want to search for

  4. Select the checkbox to Post to the channel or about this tab.

  5. Select Save.

  6. From the learning tab, either select a piece of learning contentto see Content details or select More options  to See details, Copy link, or Unpin.

Pin new content to a Learning tab

screen shot of Viva Learning with tabs across the to, a plus sign Add new to pin new content, and sample learning content

  1. Select + Add New at the top of the Learning tab.

    Select the plus sign Add new to add new content to the learning tab

  2. Search and select learning content. You can select multiple items and perform multiple searches.

  3. Select Save to pin learning content to the Learning tab.

Remove content from a Learning tab

  1. Hover over a pinned learning content.

  2. Select More options then Unpin to remove the item from the learning tab.

    Select ... and then select Unpin to remove content from a learning tab

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