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Use numbered or bulleted lists to organize your thoughts.

Create a numbered list

  1. Type 1 and . and then press the Spacebar.

  2. Type what you want and press Enter. The next number in your list will automatically appear.

    Or, select Numbering to start your list.

    Note: In PowerPoint, your list will not format until you after you type something and then press Enter.

Create a bulleted list

  1. Select Bullets.

  2. Type what you want.

  3. Press Enter and another bullet is added.

Create an outline or multilevel list

  • As you type a list, press Tab or select the Increase Indent button.

    Note: Depending on the app, the style of bullet might change or your number might become a letter.

Create a list from existing text

  1. Select the text you want to change into a list.

  2. Select Bullets or Numbering.

Format a list

  1. Select a list.

  2. Select the down arrow next to Bullets or Numbering.

  3. Select a style of bullet or numbering.

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Create a bulleted or numbered list

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Numbered or bulleted lists let you organize your thoughts.

To create a numbered list as you write, type 1 and a period. Press the Spacebar and Office will recognize your list and start to format it for you.

You can also choose Numbering.

Type the first item in your list and then press Enter and the next number is added automatically.

If you want a bulleted list, choose Bullets and type what you want.

Press Enter and another bullet is added.

To create an outline or multilevel list, press Tab or use the Increase Indent button.

Depending on the app you use, the style of bullet might change or your number might become a letter.

If you already have a list written and want to add bullets or make it numbered, select the list, and then choose Bullets or Numbers.

Choosing the down arrow for each gives you other bullet or numbering options.

In Word, if your numbered list has breaks in it, type the number you want to continue with.

Or choose Numbering and Office will continue the list for you automatically.

You can always change the numbering to whatever you want.

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