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Important    Access Services 2010 and Access Services 2013 are being removed from the next release of SharePoint. We recommend you do not create new web apps, and migrate your existing apps to an alternative platform, such as Microsoft Power Apps.

You can share Access data with Dataverse, which is a cloud database upon which you can build Power Platform apps, Automate workflows, Virtual Agents, and more for the web, phone, or tablet. For more information, see Get started: Migrate Access data to Dataverse.

Before you publish your Microsoft Access 2010 as a Web application, you must run the Compatibility Checker to ensure that the database is compatible as a Web database. If the Compatibility Checker finds any compatibility issues with the macros in your database, it will display a macro error, that you should correct before you publish your database to the Web.

This article describes five possible macro conditions that may exist in your Access 2010application that can result in the macro error messages, and provides information to help you resolve the error.

For general information about Compatibility Checker errors, see the article Web compatibility check General errors.

Locate and fix a ACCWeb104000 macro error

Macro is incompatible with the Web

If you get the ACCWeb104000 error messages with the error text, Macro is incompatible with the Web, check whether your Access application contains any of the following macros, and then remove them:

  • AddMenu

  • ApplyFilter

  • ApplyOrderBy

  • Beep

  • CopyDatabase

  • CopyObject

  • DeleteObject

  • DisplayHourGlassPointer

  • Echo

  • EmailDatabaseObject

  • FindNextRecord

  • FindRecord

  • GoToPage

  • ImportExportData

  • LockNavigationPane

  • MaximizeWindow

  • MinimizeWindow

  • MoveAndSizeWindow

  • NavigateTo

  • OpenDataAccessPage

  • OpenDiagram

  • OpenFunction

  • OpenModule

  • OpenQuery

  • OpenStoredProcedure

  • OpenTable

  • OpenView

  • OutputTo

  • PrintOut

  • Quit

  • Rename

  • RepaintObject

  • Restore

  • RunApp

  • RunCommand (all options other than undoRecord, SaveRecord and DeleteRecord)

  • RunCode

  • RunSavedImportExport

  • RunSQL

  • SearchForRecord

  • SelectObject

  • SendKeys

  • SetDisplayedCategories

  • SetMenuItem

  • SetValue

  • SetWarnings

  • ShowToolbar

  • SingleStep

  • TransferSharePointList

  • TransferSpreadsheet

  • TransferSQLDatabase

  • TransferText

Use a valid macro action

After you remove the invalid macro action, you can use an appropriate macro action from the following list:

  • SetOrderBy

  • BrowseTo

  • ClearMacroError

  • CloseWindow

  • DeleteRecord-runcommand

  • GoToControl

  • GoToRecord

  • MessageBox

  • OnError

  • OpenForm

  • OpenReport

  • RefreshRecord

  • RemoveAllTempVars

  • RemoveTempVar

  • Requery

  • RunCommand(only undoRecord, SaveRecord and DeleteRecord)

  • RunDataMacro

  • RunMacro

  • SaveRecord-runcommand

  • SetFilter

  • SetLocalVar

  • SetOrderBy

  • SetProperty

  • SetTempVar

  • StopAllMacros

  • StopMacro

  • UndoRecord-runcommand

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Macro argument is incompatible with the Web

If you get the ACCWeb104000 error message with the error text,Macro argument is incompatible with the Web, check whether your Access application contains any of the following macros arguments, and remove them:

  • CloseWindow - Object Name

  • CloseWindow-Object Type

  • CloseWindow-Save

  • GoToRecord-Object Type

  • GoToRecord- Object Name

  • GoToRecord-Offset

  • MessageBox- Beep

  • Message

  • MessageBox-Type

  • MessageBox-Title

  • OpenForm-Filter

  • Name OpenForm-View

  • OpenReport-Filter Name

  • OpenReport-View

  • RunMacro-Repeat Expression

  • RunMacro-Repeat Count

  • SetFilter-Filter Name

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Macro argument value is incompatible with the Web

If you get an ACCWeb104000 error message with the error text, Macro argument value is incompatible with the Web, check whether the object or expression referenced is compatible with the Web and remove any that are incompatible. For more information about how to create valid expressions see Build an expression.

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The '|0' macro is incompatible with the Web

You can get an ACCWeb104000 error message with the error text, The '|0' macro is incompatible with the Web. You must remove the incompatible macro action, argument or argument value from your Access application.

Also remove AutoKeys and AutoExec macros from you application, and then apply a valid macro from the list Use a valid macro action.

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