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The Assignment status report within Insights tells you how students are progressing with specific assignments. 


By default, your report reflects all students, upcoming assignments in the current month, and assignments from the past two months. You can select Load more assignments to see more past assignments in your report.

Select  Down chevron button  to filter the report by an individual student. 


Dropdown menu for student filter in Assignment status report

Read your data

  • Select a number to see which students are counted in an assignment status (status types detailed below).

  • Select a column title — Assigned, Viewed, Turned in, Returned, On time, Late, Multiple — to see cells with data first. 

  • Cells with data to show are highlighted.

Student progress columns:

The columns under Student progress reflect the assignment cycle from the time you assign to when you return feedback and any applicable points. 

  • Assigned (you assigned)

  • Viewed (student viewed)

  • Turned in (student turned in)

  • Returned (you added feedback and applicable points and returned to the student)

Turned-in stats columns: 

  • On-time (turned in by the due date)

  • Late (turned in after due date)

  • Multiple (student turned in the assignment multiple times in a feedback loop)

Assignment status data report

Progress for a single assignment within the Assignment status report

Export your data 

  1. In your report, select More options  More options button.

  2. Select Export to Excel.

  3. Your exported data sheet will contain a list of students, plus the title, grade (if applicable), due date, and turn-in status of each assignment.

    You can view the selected time frame for your exported data in the Excel file name.

Select Export to Excel from More options dropdown in report

Assignment status data export

Classroom use cases that you can act on using your Assignment status report: 

  • Filter for a specific student and see if they turned in an assignment on time, when they turned it in, or if they haven’t started. 

  • If the due date for an assignment is soon, reach out to students who haven’t viewed it yet.

  • For students who regularly turn assignments in late, discuss ways to work on time management.

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