Grade, return, and reassign assignments

Keep track of how many assignments you have left to review and return in Microsoft Teams. Then, give feedback or points before returning assignments. You also have the option to return assignments to students and request a revision.

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View ungraded assignments

Grade and return multiple assignments at once

Grade and return assignments one-by-one

Grade a group assignment

Return an assignment for revision

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View ungraded assignments

  1. Navigate to the class and select Assignments

    Tip: Search for any assignment by keyword in the search bar. 

  2. Assignments with work left to grade are automatically sorted to the top of your list. Open one to start grading.

  3. Assignments are sorted by To return and Returned tabs.

    List of students assignments to review, grade, and return.  

Grade and return multiple assignments at once

  1. Navigate to a student's name in your To return list.

    Tip: Select the arrow to sort students in ascending or descending alphabetical order.

  2. Check the Status column if students turned in a document with this assignment. Select the student's status to view their work in full-screen mode.

    In this column, you can see when students have viewed or turned in work. You'll also see if their work is late, not turned in, or returned for revision.

    Student's assignment status selected to open their work.

  3. Select a box under Feedback to add comments for a student.

  4. Add points if you have designated points for this assignment. For example: 3.7/4.0 or 89/100.

  5. Select the top checkbox to return work to all students or select the checkboxes next to individual student names.

  6. Select Return > Return.

    Return button with Return and Return for revision displayed

    The students you selected will receive a notification that their assignment has been returned. Their name will now show up in the Returned column. Their assignment status in the Grades tab will update, too.

Grade and return assignments one-by-one

View student work in full-screen mode and easily move from student to student without leaving your review pane.

Tip: Select Expand tab (icon with two arrows) to view students' work in full-screen. 

  1. Select a student's status in the Status column to open their work.

    Student's assignment status selected to open their work.

  2. View work and add comments on the document itself, where relevant. Select other files to view them if more than one is attached.

    Note: Not able to view a file in Teams? You may need to open files made in third-party apps separately. Older Office files with .doc, .xls, and .ppt file extensions must be edited in the desktop version of those apps. 

  3. Enter feedback and grades—these will save automatically.

  4. If you'd like to return work to the student now, select Return > Return. You can also do this later.

  5. Use the arrows to navigate from student to student.

  6. Select Close to return to the full student list for this assignment.

    Select a document to edit in full screen mode.

Grade a group assignment 

If you've created group assignments, you can grade the whole group at once or give individual grades to group members.

After you've opened the assignment, you'll notice each group and its members in your To return tab.

List of group assignments to return in assignment grading view

  • Click on their work in the Status column to view it.

  • Enter feedback and points, if applicable.

  • Select checkboxes to choose group assignments you're ready to return. Then, select Return > Return. This will give the same grade to each member of the group.

  • If you'd like to give group members invidual grades instead, select More options  More options button in the group's row, then Grade students individually.

    More options selected showing the option to Grade students individually

To go through each group's assignments one-by-one, select their status in the Status column.

  • Enter feedback and points and select Return to return each group's work.

  • Use the arrows to move from group to group.

  • If you'd like to give group members individual grades instead, select Grade students individually.

    Option to grade students individually

Return an assignment for revision

If you'd like to request a revision from a student before giving a final grade:

  1. Follow the instructions above for returning an assignment to multiple students or one-by-one.

  2. Select the dropdown arrow next to Return, then select Return for revision.

    Return button with Return and Return for revision displayed

    Your student's assignment will remain in your To return column and their status will update to Returned for revision. Your student will also receive a notification of your revision request and will be able to turn in their assignment again after making edits.


    • Update how long you'll accept turn-ins at any time by selecting the assignment, then selecting More options > Edit assignment. Select Edit underneath the due date and time, then make your adjustments in the assignment timeline.

    • Edit assignment timeline window.

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